Nasty Juice E-Liquids: Nasty Salt

Nasty Juice has an array of surprising flavours. The flavour profiles compliment each other so beautifully and offer a small taste of mint at the end. Although Nasty Juice is unique in flavour, it is only available in nic salts.

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Nasty Juice has perfected the flavour combinations of bitter fruits and smooth mint. They offer you the chance to experience simple yet lively flavours. Although these specialty flavours only come in nic salts they are perfected to give you the perfect hit of flavour just where you want it.

Carefully crafted by the award-winning e-liquid company Nasty Juice, Nasty Salts bring iconic flavours to the nicotine salts market. Each of the e-liquids in the Nasty Salts line are based off some of Nasty Juice's bestsellers and perfectly showcase the intricacies and sweetness natural fruits can offer.

Nasty juice: Nasty Salts

Started in 2015 out of Malaysia, Nasty started as a small time eliquid brand with only 3 flavours. They now have a number of different eliquid lines including a collection of nicotine salt eliquid. Nasty Salts are a nicotine salt eliquid that take some of Nasty Juice's best tasting and most flavourful eliquids, converting them from the typical freebase nicotine to a nicotine salt eliquid. The bold and flavourful fruit sensations are sure to please any sweet tooth offering more than you would expect from a typical fruit flavoured eliquid. 180Smoke offers Nasty Salt eliquids in Canada, try a new fruity experience today.

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