London E-Liquid - Explore (60mL)

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London e-liquid by Explore pays homage to the history and traditions of old English kitchens, delivering a decadent lemon tart with rich curd balanced by a satisfyingly sour citrus bite, and light, flakey, and buttery pastry. 70/30 - 60mL: 0, 3, 6mg/mL


Send your tastebuds casually drifting along the River Thames in royal refinement, and Explore the decadent flavour of London. A rich Lemon Tart e-liquid with lightly toasted, flakey buttery pastry, and creamy sweet curd balanced by a satisfyingly sour citrus bite. Created in honour of old English kitchens, London by Explore pays homage to the countless cooks and chefs who refined this delectable dessert recipe over hundreds of years by continually delivering sweet and tangy citrus satisfaction.

70% VG / 30% PG - 60mL bottle: 0, 3, 6mg/mL freebase nicotine

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