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Sorry, Kanger IPOW 2 - 1000 mAh Variable Wattage battery has been discontinued.

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Kanger IPOW 2 - 1000 mAh Variable Wattage battery

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This Variable Wattage battery IPOW 2 by Kangertech is a fantastic product, providing you a variable wattage mode

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Kanger IPOW 2 - 1000mah

This Variable Wattage battery IPOW 2 by Kangertech is a fantastic product, providing you a variable wattage mode controlled by a rotating knob that goes from 3W-15W at a cheaper price than most device with this function. This is a long-lasting, high quality battery system perfect for vapers looking to upgrade thier batter for better vapor production. This system allows you to produce more vapor as you increase wattage, the 1000mah capacity is equivalent to approx. 1.5 packs of cigarettes for most users, all by one of the most reliable company of e-cigarettes - Kangertech.


  • Variable Wattage (stepless variation between 3 W and 15 W)
  • 4.2 volt charger output (charges in 3-4 hours)
  • Passthrough charging (vape while charging)
  • 1000 mAh capacity will last about 1.5 packs worth for most vapers


  • On/off toggle by pressing the button 5 times quickly
  • Double battery protection
  • Heat dispersion holes
  • OLED display shows wattage, resistance, and battery life
  • Fits EGO threaded tanks and 510 threaded tanks
  • Comes with a 510 adapter
  • Available in black, red, blue, stainless steel, and brown
Additional Information
Bottle Size No
Nicotine Strength No
Battery Capacity 1000 mAh
Manufacturer Kanger
Video No


General caution when using any rechargeable battery/device:
Always use the charging cable provided with your device. 
Do not leave your device charging unattended or charging overnight.
Caution when using a "Mod" with replaceable batteries:
Ensure that your are always using proper, good quality batteries that are compatible with your device. 
Do not use batteries that are damaged in any way, including peeled off or cracked wrapping.
Ensure that the batteries are suitable for your device and atomizer pairing. Only use high drain batteries, be mindful of how many amps your particular setup might draw, and only use batteries that offer a sufficient discharge rate.
Do not use the device if it is damaged.
Caution when using 18650 and other rechargeable Li-Ion/Polymer batteries
Only use a proper charger to charge your batteries, and never leave them unattended while charging.
Do not short circuit, overcharge, or overdischarge your batteries.
Do not use or charge if damaged or improperly wrapped.
Always store unused batteries separate from each other or other metal objects with at least some charge left in them.
Do not store fully discharged batteries.
May explode if damaged.
Disposed of old and/or damaged batteries properly, do not dispose of in fire.
180 Smoke is not responsible or liable for any damage or injury that may be caused by improper use or care of a rechargeable device or battery.
Please make sure you are aware of the specification of your device or combination of devices, and don't hesitate to contact our support at [email protected] or call 1-855-99-46-180 if you have any question
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Customer Reviews

super slick looking battery Review by Yukka
I paired this battery with an Aerotank MOW and it fits perfectly flush... You can also get the same Kanger brown color.

I love this color and the battery, been going strong without cigarettes for months now (Posted on 2015-04-21)
fragile charging port Review by Erika
I loved this battery for the first few months, til I broke the charging port on it. You really have to watch how hard you plug this in... 3 stars because only of fragility (Posted on 2015-04-21)
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