180 Smoke

Warranty and Return/Exchange Policy for the JUUL by JUUL Labs and Juno by Twelve Vapor

180 Smoke is committed to providing you with products that work as expected. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will do everything in our power to promptly address your needs and concerns. Please review the information below to make sure you understand the warranty terms before purchasing these products. Contact the 180 Smoke Support Team if you have any questions about these policies.

JUUL Warranty

  • JUUL warranty is exclusively handled by JUUL Labs, no exceptions. Products must be registered with the manufacturer online using instructions included with packaging in order to qualify.
  • For all inquiries, contact the Juul manufacturer directly at www.juul.com


Juno Warranty

  • Any Juno devices deemed Dead on Arrival may be exchanged for a replacement Juno device at 180 Smoke stores or via 180 Smoke customer service with valid receipt. Troubleshooting may be required to identify DOA products.

  • Juno devices come with a 1 year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Any Juno devices deemed defective during this 1 year period may be exchanged at 180 Smoke stores, via 180 Smoke customer service, or at www.junovapor.com.

  • Physical damage, cosmetic damage, modifications to the product, water damage or damage to Juno devices caused by misuse of the product is not covered by the Juno limited warranty

  • Juno pods are always final sale, and are not subject to warranty claims or returns

  • Any unopened, unused, Juno devices or pods may be returned or exchanged at any 180 Smoke stores or via 180 Smoke customer service.

  • For any special circumstances, or issues beyond 1 year of purchase, please contact the Juno manufacturer directly at www.junovapor.com