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Island Breeze Premium E-Liquid - 30ml

Island Breeze is a refreshing mix of exotic dragon fruit, fresh strawberry, and vanilla ice cream with a slight hint of pear. A perfect vape for your vacation under the sun!

30ml bottle.
70% VG/30% PG


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Island Breeze 30ml Premium E-Liquid

Find your hammock in style as you slip into a refreshing taste of the tropics that will ku’u aku your cares away. An exotic mix of dragon fruit, strawberry, and vanilla, with a hint of pear, our Island Breeze is the perfect juice for your vacation under the sun. Artfully crafted with 70% VG and 30% PG, this is the perfect liquid for those vapers who want a flavor that never tires and still offers solid vapor production. Escape on your island adventure today, or cast off and try our other tropical delight flavors Caribbean Cocktail, Sex on the Peach, and Coconut and Banana.

30ml bottle. 

70% VG/30% PG

Additional Information
Bottle Size 30ml
VG/PG ratio 70VG/30PG
Manufacturer 180 Smoke
Video No
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Customer Reviews

Creamy crazy alien fruit! Review by Justin
I bought all the Premium juices out of 180Smoke's line. This one has everything that the other flavors don't. Let me break it down.

1. It never sputters, it never spits back, it never dry burns. This juice is the smoothest juice I've ever smoked. I can smoke 3-4 puffs of it, back to back, and it keeps burning smoothly. This is a huge plus to many beginners.

2. It is a very smooth smoke. It comes in without any problem, and the flavor comes out massively on the exhale.

3. On the exhale, the flavors hit you all at once! It's very hard to describe the flavor, but the name rings extremely close to truth. 'ISLAND BREEZE'. It's such a huge mix of fruitiness and creaminess, that you lose the notion of 'fruit', and you simply insert the 'notion' of 'tropics' and 'creamy' together. It sure tastes like a bunch of creamy fruit mixed together, but you can't really identify the fruit. That would normally be a negative, but THIS TASTES EXTREMELY FRUITY, but probably a fruit that doesn't exist on Earth actually!

I did not like Macarons de Paris, or American Pie. Those are dessert vapes varieries that I have had in better forms from other brands. I can assure you that you will discover something new with Caribbean Cocktail, and that the flavor will accommodate anybody who tries it. It's a very smooth, creamy, alien fruit that I wish I could EAT.

5/5, will buy again! (Posted on 2018-03-27)
OK Review by Eric
OK juice. (Posted on 2018-01-26)
OH YEAH Review by Eli
Island Breeze is a great treat for my tastebuds! So happy with it! (Posted on 2017-12-22)
My style Review by Adam
Smooth, creamy, and fruity! Fantastic juice! (Posted on 2017-12-21)
Best one Review by Sunny
Best of all the 180 juices. I try other flavours but keep coming backing to this one. (Posted on 2017-12-18)
Sweet and complex Review by Otis
This juice is just complex enough to not get bored. 5/5 from me (Posted on 2017-12-12)
It's kinda, "eh Review by Sam
I was super excited to try this, but sadly it was quite a let down. I couldn't taste any of the flavours mentioned, nor could I smell them. It had a weird burnt scent to it, I thought it was my coil but it was the juice.

I'm giving it 3 stars because my cousin seemed to like it, and said she could taste the vanilla ice cream. (Posted on 2017-12-04)
Happy wife, happy life Review by Dean
Bought this for my wife and she loved it!!! I just love the smell :) (Posted on 2017-11-28)
MUCH better than tobacco Review by Shirley
Can’t stand tobacco flavours anymore, so I switched to this and it’s so much better! YUM (Posted on 2017-11-27)
alright. Review by Cuppy
saw a lot of good reviews so i gave this a shot. i don't know if i got a bad batch but it was only alright. flavours are too soft, i wanted a "hit you in the face with fruit" sorta vape. (Posted on 2017-11-20)
Great and different flavour Review by Douglas
Island Breeze is like a strawberry and vanilla shake with a tropical twist! Would definitely pick this up again! (Posted on 2017-11-15)
Hard to find a good dragonfruit & cream Review by Darcy
I LOVE everything dragonfruit, and I’m so glad this juice includes it! (Posted on 2017-11-13)
OMG YES Review by JuicyLucy
This is my favourite 180 flavour of all time!!!!!!! Would buy this by the litre if I could. (Posted on 2017-11-02)
YES Review by Otis
Just got my order, filled my tank up with Island Breeze. It rocks so hard!!! Thanks 180 (Posted on 2017-10-23)
Very nice Review by Nancy
Tastes like a smoothie (Posted on 2017-10-18)
Easy breezy! Review by Martina
Lovely taste. Very exotic. My first try for this juice. I'm absofreakingloutely loving it!! (Posted on 2017-08-12)
The Best, Hands Down! Review by QuickDraw911
Love Love Love

If you haven't tryed this you NEED to order asap. Perfect blend of flavors, is definitely my choice for all day vaping!! Also, my wife who is a non-smoker loves the aroma I leave in the house and car! (Posted on 2017-07-15)
My favorite flavor! Review by QuickDraw
This is by far my favorite e juice flavor! The perfect blend and produces nice clouds. I highly recommend this. (Posted on 2017-01-08)
Smooth like a breeze Review by Jean-François
12mg / 30ML / Using on a 1.5o coil on a cubis tanks

Very smooth, creamy vanilla like, I enjoy it a lot, delivery in 3 days to Montreal. First order... flawless (Posted on 2016-12-08)
My new all day vape Review by Igor
Very unique and delicious taste.
Whenever I vape something else, I always want to get back to it :) (Posted on 2016-04-09)
Awesome juice Review by Donnystyle
This juice is really good, has a good balance of creaminess and fruit that's perfectly suitable for a tank or dripper. (Posted on 2016-02-19)
More like Island Greeze! Review by Gary
I actually really love this juice. It's light enough for an all day vape but heavy enough in flavour that it never gets bland. I especially love the vanilla after taste. (Posted on 2016-02-10)
Strawberry and Custard Review by Mr. Banana
I think its a mix of Strawberry, Custard and some cream flavours. My everyday vape is Caribbean cocktail but i do love the mix of this one as well. I wish they had 30 ml bottles for their other line as well. (Posted on 2016-02-08)
Very very great Review by Barry
I love this! Vacation for my tastebuds! More what I'd call a "treat vape" but I literally use it all off time, (Posted on 2015-07-21)
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