180 Smoke


Harm Reduction, E-Cigarette & Vaping Investment Opportunities


Buy Shares, Lease a Franchise or co-invest in a sales store or channel

If you are looking to invest your financial or non-financial resources into harm reduction and vapor business, we will be pleased to discuss the opportunity.

We approach this opportunity from an ethical point of view, and think this is the perfect socio-economic business which is helping self-fund and revolutionize public health. In this growing and much needed market, we have the vision and the organization to be an industry shaping brand globally.

There are a multiple ways to invest in the e cigarettes market with 180 Smoke. You can invest either in the: 180 brand, franchised store / kiosk, a distribution partnership or in a strategic joint-venture.

To contact us regarding investment opportunities and franchise inquiries, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]