HQD Cuvie Slick Pro 7000 Disposable Vape: Grape (1pk)

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This disposable vape offers a tropical and exotic taste experience inspired by the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean islands. From the first puff, your palate is transported to a tropical paradise. As you inhale the pineapple shines through, providing a juicy and tangy sensation. It adds a velvety and smooth texture to the vape, reminiscent of a creamy coconut or a delicate custard. The creaminess enhances the overall vape taste, giving this vape a luxurious and indulgent feel.


Meet the CUVIE SLICK Pro – the latest vaping device that combines slim and lightweight design with ultimate convenience. With its all-new mesh coil, aluminum body, digital display and powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery, the CUVIE SLICK Pro offers an impressive 7000 puffs, ensuring endless vaping enjoyment. As a disposable device, it's not only efficient and time-saving, but also the perfect choice for hassle-free vaping on the go. Get your hands on the CUVIE SLICK Pro today and experience the most advanced disposable vape!

HQD Cuvie Slick Pro 7000 Features:

  • Size: 40×12×118mm

  • Battery: 650mAh

  • Weight: 70g

  • Output: 9W

  • E-liquid: 16.0ml

  • Coil: Inner Heating Mesh

  • Puffs: 7000

  • Resistance: 1.0Ω

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