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Hopper Labs Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer

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The Grasshopper dry herb vaporizer packs a powerful convection heater (130 °C – 210 °C / 266 °F – 410 °F) in a slim, discreet, pen style body. The removable 750 mAh battery vaporizes 2-4 full chambers (.3g), fully charges in 70 minutes, and can be charged while in use.

Ease of Use
Battery Capacity
Herb/Wax Capacity

Key Features

Discreet Pen Design
Convection-style Heating
5-second Heating Time
750mAh Battery
Magnetic USB Charger


Hopper Labs Grasshopper Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Grasshopper dry herb vaporizer by Hopper Labs features a highly discreet, slim, pen style body, and powerful 45W true convection style heater with 5 second ramp up time. A dial adjusts temperature between 130 °C – 210 °C (266 °F – 410 °F), and the 1.2 cc oven holds ~ 0.3g of ground herb.

The removable 750 mAh GHB2 battery charges onboard in 70 minutes, powering 30-45 draws or vaporizing 2-4 full chambers. Pass through support allows the vaporizer to be used while charging, and the magnetic connection prevents wear.

Simple to use and extremely potable, with no wait time.



  • Slim, discreet body
  • 45W true convection style heater 130 °C – 210 °C (266 °F – 410 °F)
  • 5 second ramp up
  • 1.2cc (0.3g) oven



  • Grasshopper vaporizer
  • 750 mAh 3.7v GHB2 battery
  • Magnetic ring – USB charger


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Review by Adelaine
(Posted on 2018-01-24)

I've had some cheap s*** vapes before that looked like this one does. Everyone went through that phase where they picked up a $20 one bowl that looks like a car lighter so I had some apprehensions with this. Then I had a look at some of the reviews online and gave it a shot.

I'm happy to say that it works really well for it's size.
You get pretty decent hauls out of it and the battery is decent for a stick device. The only negative is the price tag, but that's standard for a good vape (even if it does sting a little bit).

If you you're on the fence about this, have a look at some YouTube reviews.

Review by Rich
(Posted on 2017-10-23)

Exactly what I was looking for! Extremely discreet and works great! Fits in the pocket or bag easily and I’ve never got a weird look using it. If you need a disceet vape, check this one out.