Great British Vape Company: E-Fizz & Salt Fizz

The Great British Vaping Company or GBVCO for short is based in the North West of England, create and manufacture feeebase and nic salt eliquids using state of the art mixing processes. 180 Smoke has a selection of freebase e-liquids and nicotine salts by the Great British Vape Company (GBVCO).
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The Great British Vaping Company produces all of its eliquids in-house using premium ingredients in their North West England facility. All of their manufacturing is done in the UK, supporting their local businesses. Their eliquids are stored using child-resistant caps and the GBVCO has one of the most legislation-compliant eliquid bottle lines available to ensure that their products are secure from a legal standpoint while delivering great tasting eliquid. The GBVCO helps smaller brand with distribution and manufacturing boasting their very own Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) seal, providing a chance for all to get a hold of smaller eliquid lines that are compliant with the latest regulations.

The Great British Vape Company is the best of both worlds. They offer salt fizz to spice up your vaping or freebase e-liquids that act as a palate cleanser. The salt fizz nic salts are tasteful and come in vibrant citrus flavours. The fizz in these flavours is surprising but not harsh. They add a subtle yet powerful flavour that immerses you into relaxation. The freebase flavours are not too swamped with menthol and are not too minty, making for a cool hit – perfect for all day vaping.

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