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Zeus Iceborn

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Cool your vape with the Zeus Iceborn cooling attachment.

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE OFFER - not available in stores.

Introducing the Zeus Iceborn™ cooling attachment, the newest vaporizer accessory from the Zeus engineers. This attachment is compatible with most vaporizers that have a 6.5mm to 11mm diameter mouthpiece, and cools vapor allowing for bigger clouds without the heat associated with increased production. It is not compatible with: PUFFiT, PUFFiT X, V2 Pro 7 Series, V2 Pro 3 Series, or Prima Vaporizer.

Package Contents

  • ZEUS Iceborn™
  • Aluminum Tube S
  • Aluminum Tube M
  • Aluminum Tube L
  • Aluminum Tube XL
  • Bottom Tube Washer
  • Top Tube Washer
  • Lid Washer
  • Short Whip S
  • Short Whip M
  • Long Whip
  • Mouthpiece