STLTH Vape Kits & Pods

A collection of prefilled closed STLTH pods, vape devices, and kits, by STLTH Vape. Pick from a variety of flavours produced by STLTH for a personalized vaping experience.

STLTH offers vapers closed pod vaping devices, prefilled closed pods, and kits that are practical, and satisfying. STLTH was founded by vaping entrepreneurs based out of Waterloo, Ontario and Los Angeles, California with the goal of developing a vaping system that was user-friendly, and enjoyable. The wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths ensures satisfaction for all users.

The STLTH device has a 420mAh internal cell that delivers all day power for most users and conveniently charges via micro USB. Each 2mL prefilled press fit STLTH pod has a ceramic atomizer that intuitively produces a small cloud of smooth and satisfying vapor with STLTH's buttonless puff activated firing system.

STLTH Pods come in a number of different flavours and are available in nicotine salt and hybrid nicotine variants. There are two different STLTH Pod collections: Classic STLTH pods and Savage STLTH pods. Our STLTH pod collection is available below with bulk discounts on shipping and at 180 Smoke Vape Store locations across Canada.

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