Illusions Vapor

The name may be Illusions, but it is clear they are all about fruit flavours. Exotic fruits like tangy peaches, acai berries, and sweet dragon fruit. This array of fruit-filled e-liquids is sweet and layered with freshness.


Illusions Vapor is a Canadian based, premium e-liquid company and manufacturer that produces high quality, mouth-watering e-liquids for your vaping pleasure. By using locally sourced ingredients and manufacturing all of their products in-house, Illusions Vapor ensures that only the finest ingredients are used and quality control is maintained at the highest standards in the industry. Illusions Vapor's raw, contemporary, urban edge is what sets them apart from other e-liquid companies. Illusions e-liquid flavours are untameable and downright defiant.

Illusion e-liquids are so captivating with their fruity filled juices. The tangy flavours come in freebase or nic salt to suit all your vaping needs. These e-liquids are truly perfect for any season as they scream summer fresh. The flavour profile of sweet dragon fruit, juicy blueberries, and refreshing guava is the perfect acidic blend for when you need that small taste of delight.

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