Glass Globe 2-in-1 Vaporizer with Aspire G-Power Battery

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Please Note: this product has been phased out, and will not be restocked.

This bundle brings you a convenient and effective portable vaporizer by pairing the Glass Globe Dual Coil vaporizer attachment with the powerful yet compact Aspire G-Power 650mah battery at 4.2V. Also included is a USB charger, and the option to get a wall adapter and replacement coils.


180 Smoke now offers you this convenient portable vaporizer bundle for anyone who is looking to start vaping their dry herbs and wax material.

The Glass Globe Vaporizer attachment is a compact yet convenient attachment for vaporizing dry herbs, and can also be used to vaporize wax and oil with the proper replacement coils.
It features an improves double coil, which will vaporizes your material faster and more efficiently.

We've paired it with the Aspire G-Power 650mah battery, and compact yet powerful battery that fires at 4.2V, an optimal voltage for vaporizing herbs.
On a full charge, you will get approximately 100-150 puffs depending on how long you pull on each puffs.

The bundle comes with a USB charger for the battery, and you have the option to add replacement coils for the Glass Globe, and a wall adapter to pair with the charger. 

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