Ghost Max Disposable Vape

A selection of Ghost Max Disposable Vape flavours prefilled with 6mL of e-liquid with nic salts or Bold50 hybrid nicotine, and housing a 1050mAh cell that delivers ~2000 puffs of flavourful vapor with a 1.3Ω coil and adjustable airflow.

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GHOST MAX Disposable Vapes are an innovative e-cigarette solution designed for seasoned and first-time vapers. With a powerful, pre-charged 1050mAh battery, this disposable vape offers users roughly 2000 puffs before needing to be entirely replaced. The GHOST MAX features a draw-activated firing mechanism and adjustable airflow, allowing for a fully customizable draw depending on how much strength and flavor you want to experience – an innovative feature usually not included on disposable vapes. With a sleek, compact design, the GHOST MAX disposable vape comes manufactured in a refined matte black color with a pop of intense hue, depending on the flavor you want to enjoy.

GHOST MAX Disposable Vape

GHOST MAX disposables are genuinely an all-in-one vaping device that provides a simple yet enjoyable vaping experience from start to finish. Despite their straightforward exterior, these disposable vapes feature a 6ml pre-filled capacity of your favorite e-liquid with 20mg/mL of nicotine salts for a powerful yet smooth vapor delivery with each hit. 180 Smoke is pleased to offer a wide variety of flavors from this disposable vape product line, including Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Peach Ice, Blue Lemon, Blizzard, and Apple Peach Ice. We’re always working to offer customers new products and flavors, so check back for more flavors whenever you’re in the mood for a delicious vaping experience.

Is 20mg of nicotine in the GHOST MAX Disposable Vape a lot?

All GHOST MAX disposable vapes sold at 180 Smoke come with a max nic salt of 20mg/mL, per federal regulations. Generally speaking, this amount is perfect for people who have vaping experience but can also be used by first-time vapors. Additionally, as nic salts aren’t as harsh on the throat as freebase nicotine, users won’t have to worry about balancing the strength of the nic salt with a burning sensation. Therefore, you can expect nothing less than a softer experience without diminishing any strength and flavor from your e-liquid.

What is the Difference Between the GHOST XL, GHOST MAX, and GHOST MEGA?

While similar in design and experience, the only difference between the GHOST XL, GHOST MAX, and GHOST MEGA is the number of puffs you’ll get from each disposable vape. For example, the GHOST XL offers around 800 puffs, while the GHOST MEGA offers 3000. Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable disposable vape, the GHOST MAX is perfect as it gives you approximately 2000 hits. Again, all GHOST products offer a hassle-free vape experience with mouth-watering flavors and a smooth finish.

How do I use the GHOST MAX Disposable Vape?

GHOST MAX disposable vapes were designed with user experience in mind. With a pre-charged battery and pre-filled e-liquid pod, users need not worry about charging or filling their vape. Simply put your mouth over the mouthpiece and inhale the vapor. To adjust the airflow, you’ll find an adjustable piece located on the bottom of the vape pen that you can twist either way for a more customizable experience. Depending on the strength and length of your inhale, the device stops working after roughly 2000 puffs. When this happens, simply recycle the vape pen as indicated on the box and purchase a new one!

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