All Day Vapor Nic Salt E-Liquids

All Day Vapor is a Canadian line of nic salt eliquid that is designed with beginners in mind for exceptional flavour and immediate nicotine hit.

Specifically created for mouth-to-lung vapors and new-to-vaping users, All Day Vapor is a Canadian eliquid brand of nic salts that offers users a range of superior flavours which provide an immediate nicotine hit. All Day Vapor seeks to bridge the gap between premium and high PG e juices with an enjoyable smooth experience. All Day Vapor is committed to providing great tasting e juices that have the quality of a premium brand without the price tag, focusing on ingredients that lend themselves to flavourful eliquids. For beginners and experienced vapers alike, All Day Vapor nic salts e juices provide complex and satisfying blends of flavour without the use of any sweeteners. This will lengthen the life of your coils while providing you with the nicotine hit that that you are accustomed to from smoking cigarettes thanks to the nicotine salts.

We can help you figure out what's the right nicotine strength for your eliquid. Visit the Vaping Wiki to get started!

All Day Vapor's Nic Salts delivers a satisfying hit that won't giver the user the urge to "chain vape", and provide that satisfying feeling, allowing you to use less liquid throughout the day.

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