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Fair Grounds E-liquid by Met4 - 60mL

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Fair Grounds by Met4 is the perfect representation of a freshly deep fried cream cake, in an e-liquid flavor.


Fair Grounds E-liquid by Met4

Fair Grounds e-liquid by Met4 is a deep fried cream cake flavor that will have you dreaming of sweet summertime treats from the carnival! Fluffy cake with a hint of crispiness and a creamy finish.

70% VG / 30% PG - 60mL


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Review by Clayton
(Posted on 2018-08-07)

A deliciously sweet doughy inhale with an vanilla tasting icing exhale, if you like deep fried Twinkies you've found the right juice here. I've not been disappointed in a single juice order yet!

Review by Dezz
(Posted on 2018-08-02)

This is a very sweet flavor, this dessert flavor taste like twinky bars! If you really like super sweet strong flavors, this is for you!

Review by She Lore
(Posted on 2018-07-23)

This liquid tasted great! I love the flavor mixtures, and overall everything went together in a fantastic way! Thank you!

Review by vapesignals902
(Posted on 2018-07-11)

Fair Grounds is an amazing deep fried cream cake. It doesn't have the throat hit that I often experience with these types of flavors. Its got a sugary and almost cinnamon-like inhale, followed by lightly baked cake on the exhale. Its an ADV for me, I just can't seem to put it down.

Review by HoseheadVapes
(Posted on 2018-07-07)

I did not find Fair Grounds as sweet as Pacific Sangha, and I prefer it that way. Same beautiful box as Sangha, but the bottle doesn't look as good, a normal black chubby gorilla, with a black paper label. It doesn't look bad, but Sangha looked fancier. The juice however is way more pleasant, Im getting that white vanilla cake inhale, which an icing exhale. I wouldn't quite call it cream. it feels like a slightly sweeter exhale than a normal cream, and with no aftertaste. A truly delicious liquid.

Review by MR.MEOW
(Posted on 2018-06-27)

this juice is awesomely super good.. I love sweets stuff, its like a deep fried twinkie.. yum yum i vape about my 8ml tank in about 12hrs or so... its so worth trying and u will love it

Review by Tango!
(Posted on 2018-05-26)

I want what it tastes like in food for. Does deep fried cream cake actually exist and, if so, where can i find it?

Review by milly
(Posted on 2018-05-19)

if you like sweet, this one is for you. it's not so sweet that you can't vape it but it does remind me a lot of a lot of US juices.
it's very sweet. still good. but i can't vape it all day!