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Sorry, eVic-VT Battery Only by Joyetech has been discontinued.

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eVic-VT Battery Only by Joyetech

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Joyetech's eVic-VT is already ultra popular as a kit, and you can now pair it with any tank to enjoy it's incredible 5000mAh capacity and temperature control modes with any RDA or clearomizer that can use nickel and/or titanium coils.

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180 Smoke now offers the high performance eVic-VT by Joyetech as a battery only item for use with any tank.

One of the most advanced temperature control mod on the market is now available just as box mod battery! Joyetech's eVic-VT is already ultra popular as a kit, and you can now pair it with any tank to enjoy it's incredible 5000mAh capacity and temperature control modes as you see fit.

Available in three stylish color schemes, the eVic-VT is sure to look great with any RDA or clearomizer that can use nickel and/or titanium coils, like the Kanger Subtank line or the Delta II.

Its two temperature control (TC) modes allow you to use either nickel coils or titanium coils from sub-ohm resistance of 0.05 ohm up to 1 ohm. Temperature control allows you to vape anywhere between 100°C and 315°C (200-600°F), giving you optimum flavour and huge clouds of super smooth vapour, while making sure you will never get a dry hit or burn the wick of your coil, as the intelligent chip will realize and stop firing if you're running low on e-liquid!

In addition to that mode, you can also use standard (kanthal) coils, in variable wattage mode, from 1W to 60W, with coils of a resistance as low as 0.15 ohm and up to 3.5 ohms.

The battery comes with a USB cable for passthrough charging while vaping, a 1A Wall adapter for faster charging, and a silicon case.


  • Operating temperature in TC modes: 100°C-315°C (200-600°F)
  • TC modes accepted resistance range: 0.05ohm-1ohm in nickel or titanium coils
  • Variable Wattage mode between 1W-60W
  • VW mode accepted resistance range: 0.15ohm-3.5ohms with standard (kanthal) coils
  • Output voltage: 0.5V-8V
  • Battery capacity: 5000mAh
  • Large OLED screen indicates: current mode, watts/volts, atomizer resistance, battery power, number of puffs, and time.
  • eVic-VT battery dimensions : 47mm X 25.5mm X 85.6mm
  • Available in Black/Red, White/Blue, Yellow/Black


  • 1 x eVic-VT temperature control 60W 5000mAh battery
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x eVic-VT protective silicon Skin
  • 1 x 1A Wall Adapter
Additional Information
Bottle Size No
Nicotine Strength No
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
Manufacturer Joyetech
Video No


General caution when using any rechargeable battery/device:
Always use the charging cable provided with your device. 
Do not leave your device charging unattended or charging overnight.
Caution when using a "Mod" with replaceable batteries:
Ensure that your are always using proper, good quality batteries that are compatible with your device. 
Do not use batteries that are damaged in any way, including peeled off or cracked wrapping.
Ensure that the batteries are suitable for your device and atomizer pairing. Only use high drain batteries, be mindful of how many amps your particular setup might draw, and only use batteries that offer a sufficient discharge rate.
Do not use the device if it is damaged.
Caution when using 18650 and other rechargeable Li-Ion/Polymer batteries
Only use a proper charger to charge your batteries, and never leave them unattended while charging.
Do not short circuit, overcharge, or overdischarge your batteries.
Do not use or charge if damaged or improperly wrapped.
Always store unused batteries separate from each other or other metal objects with at least some charge left in them.
Do not store fully discharged batteries.
May explode if damaged.
Disposed of old and/or damaged batteries properly, do not dispose of in fire.
180 Smoke is not responsible or liable for any damage or injury that may be caused by improper use or care of a rechargeable device or battery.
Please make sure you are aware of the specification of your device or combination of devices, and don't hesitate to contact our support at [email protected] or call 1-855-99-46-180 if you have any question
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Customer Reviews

best buy Review by spicollie
I started with the small ego pens, but soon wanted to upgrade, but with all the products out there it was overwhelming trying to decide. The other issue was the batteries and chargers.i got this unit because it had built in batteries and could do temperature control and I am soooooooooo glad I did. I used three different tanks for four days before I had to charge it. This is by far my favorite mod out of all the ones I bought. I only wish I got this one first. If your looking for your first mod get this one you won't regret it, especially if you get it for 40 percent off like I did. (Posted on 2016-04-30)
Great mod, missing one bit though. Review by mike
Pros: big internal battery, nice colours, clear screen, easy to operate, very compact, Ni and Ti temp sensing for cheap ($50 on sale), A+ feel overall.

Cons: top selector button feels flimsy, bottom placed vents could cause an issue when chain vaping (placing it on a table right after use, thus cutting off air flow to the internals).

A few other things that might be either pros or cons;

Weight: this thing has a surprising heft to it for its size, which I actually enjoy. It doesn't feel cheap or like its going to fall apart.
Wall adapter: Not included in the box. Its no fault of 180, but someone at the factory, before they sealed it in plastic, crossed off the wall adapter on the list of things included in the box on the back of the package. No biggie for me since I'm always around a USB port anyway (car stereo mounted in my tool box :D). This might be an issue for others though.

Over all this is a great mod. (Posted on 2016-04-13)
Cheap Review by Frank
wow..this is a good deal. I paid almost $80 for this unit. (Posted on 2016-04-08)
Great Battery life Review by Arya
I hate devices with removable batteries. Highly recommend this 5000mah battery. It lasts me for daysss (Posted on 2016-04-06)
Cheapest Deal Review by Snarky Shark
Can't get anything cheaper than this for 5000 mah Mod. Highly recommend it. (Posted on 2016-04-06)
Great battery life Review by Aaron
I went 8 days with out charging this mod while constantly using it. It was incredible. The colours are sleek, definitely enjoy how it looks. Only down fall is that the firmware isn't upgradable like the evic vtc mini. (Posted on 2016-01-12)
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