Crimson E-Liquid - Brite (60mL)

  • $24.99
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Crimson is a mixed berry e-liquid that combines various fruits to create the most amazing e-liquid flavour nature can offer. Sit back, puff away, and slip into dreams of summer.

70% VG / 30% PG - 60mL bottle


Crimson E-Juice by Brite (60mL)

Mixed berries are one of the simplest joys any fruit lover can find, thankfully BRITE has managed to distill this exact experience in its Crimson e-juice. If you’ve ever spent time in nature, you’ll know that there is something truly special when you find a lush bush of sun ripened berries. This is the exact experience BRITE has managed to capture in Crimson, as it celebrates fresh and luscious berries in a natural and exciting way. So sit back, take a puff, and enjoy the amazing flavours nature can offer.

70% VG / 30% PG - 60mL bottle


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