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Cloud Maker Plus Variable Voltage Kit

The Cloud Maker Plus is 180 Smoke's most advanced starter kit, with improved tank design featuring variable airflow, and a high capacity 1300mAh variable voltage battery, allowing to personalize how much vapor you get per puff from your device.

You can find replacement coils for the Cloud Maker Plus tank here. The Airflow 1 also uses regular Kanger Dual Bottom Coil that are easily available.

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Cloud Maker Plus Kit

The Cloud Maker Plus is 180 Smoke's most advanced starter kit, offering a battery with a capacity twice as large as standard ones, variable voltage function to choose how much vapor you get from each puff, and a high quality tank with dual bottom coil and variable airflow.

The Cloud Maker Plus battery has a large capacity of 1300mAh, twice as much as standard batteries, and will last the equivalent of two full packs of cigarettes for most users. It has a variable voltage function, allowing you to get more vapor from each puffs.
By pressing the power button three times quickly, you switch between three voltage mode, with the button lighting up in a different color to indicate the current mode : 3.7V (Red), 4.2V (Green), and 4.8V (White), giving you more vapor per puffs as the voltage goes up.
The battery also features a safety lock, by pressing the power button five times quickly you will lock and unlock the device.
It comes pre-charged and ready to use, and is rechargeable with the included USB charger, that can be plugged directly into your computer, or into a standard outlet using the also included wall adapter. It usually takes 3-4 hours for a full charge.

The Cloud Maker Plus is equipped with the Airflow 1 clearomizer tank, an improved tank design featuring a high quality dual bottom coil that produces great vapor and top notch flavor. It is make of pyrex glass, and protected by a food grade stainless steel casing. It also features and removable stainless steel drip tip, and has a capacity of 1.8ml, equivalent to approximately 1.5 packs of cigarettes for most users.
The Airflow 1 takes its name from the variable airflow function at the base of the clearomizer, by rotating the dial you can change how much air is drawn into the tank when you pull on it, giving you a different feeling, with 5 different steps, ranging from a tight pull close to a tightly pack cigarette, to a looser draw more like pulling on a hookah.

With the Cloud Maker Plus and the Airflow 1 tank, you can find the perfect vaping sweet spot that will make the switch all the more easy for you!
Fill the tank, screw it onto the battery, wait 5-10min for the liquid to soak in, and start vaping by pressing the power button while you take a puff. It is better to pull slowly for 2-4 seconds to get maximum vapor and flavor.

Included in the box is also a replacement dual bottom coil. You need to change the coil when a burnt taste, or repeated leaking, happens in your tank. It is normal and should happen after using around 40ml of e-liquid in you tank, more than an equivalent of 20 packs. You can learn how to change your coils and refill your tank by watching the video below.

When changing your coil, or using it for the first time it is important to wait 5-10 min before using, to let the juice soak into the coil.

You can find replacement coils for the Cloud Maker Plus tank here. The Airflow 1 also uses regular Kanger Dual Bottom Coil that are easily available.

And you can find our e-liquid refills for you Cloud Maker Plus here.

Features : 

  • High capacity battery of 1300mAh, double the battery life of standard batteries. Equivalent to approximately 2 full packs of cigarettes.
  • Variable Voltage with three different settings at 3.7V, 4.2V, and 4.8V, allowing to change the amount of vapor you get per puff.
  • Improved tank design with variable airflow, personnalize the draw of vapor your get from your tank.
  • Bottom Dual Coil atomizer for greater vapor and improved flavor.
  • Easy to refill, charge, and change the coil, no hassle.
  • Charges with the included USB charger, either into your computer, or into a standard outlet using the included wall adapter. Fully charged in 3-4 hours.
  • Dimension of the fully assembled Cloud Maker Plus is L164mm x D16mm

Includes :

  • 1x Cloud Maker Plus Variable Voltage 1300mAh battery
  • 1x Airflow 1 Variable Airflow Tank complete with bottom dual coil
  • 1x extra replacement bottom dual coil
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x Wall Adapter
  • 1x 30ml bottle of e-liquid of your choice

Learn more about the Cloud Maker Plus in this presentation video :

Changing your Dual Bottom Coil and refilling your tank :

Additional Information
Battery Capacity 1300 mAh
Manufacturer 180 Smoke
Video No


Posted by Jack, Monday, March 28, 2016 on product Cloud Maker Plus Variable Voltage Kit


Why does the Smoke Maker Plus make some crackling noises? Is it normal?


  • Posted by Mike Wiltse on Monday, March 28, 2016
    Yes, all e-cigs will make a crackling noise when producing vapour.
    1 people found this answer helpful.
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Customer Reviews

Are these coming back in stock? Review by Grace
Are these coming back in stock? (Posted on 2018-01-22)
Excellent Review by Ontario_Gal
I love this thing so much!!! I initially had the Aspire PockeX but it got waaay too hot and kept burning my mouth. This Cloud Maker Plus is PERFECT, I love the adjustment ability to get just the perfect vape. Shipping was also extremely fast. Would recommend to all! (Posted on 2017-08-10)
get device Review by happymom
This is a great starter kit. When I first got to the store, I was unsure what kind of device I was looking for. I knew I wanted something small, but after speaking to the sale associate I realized something adjustable would be more suitable. Out of every one I saw, this one seemed most practical with three modes and was still a pen style. I now have a back up battery and use Crystal Clear so my kids don't smell it in the house. (Posted on 2017-07-21)
No More Smoking! Review by Missy
This kit got me off cigarettes for good! I smoked for 7 years, and haven't touched one since my Cloud Maker Plus was delivered. Easy to use, and has 3 power settings. I got a few of my friends on this device as well. (Posted on 2017-07-20)
Great Review by Jeff L.
I purchased this device as a first time "vaper" in an attempt to quit smoking. As a 35yr pack/day smoker I was skeptical but willing to give it a try? It's now Feb 18th, & I'm happy to say that I've still not had a single cigarette! I bought a 2nd device just to ensure that I would ALWAYS have a fully charged vape ready to go. I have found however that my original device is not producing the quality of vapor as it originally did? Ive changed coils regularly but its clearly not at 100%. Could it require a new battery already in only 6wks of usage? Not sure but as a quit smoking aid it has worked perfectly for me & I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for an aid to quit their smoking habit! (Posted on 2017-02-18)
for Performace Review by Jfrusty
I got this cloudmaker as my second device alternative to smoking. Orignally I had a first gen e-cig which was terrible and wanted to upgrade so I tried out this cloudmaker. While I believe the couldmaker is okay (not great) as a cigarette replacement, it has some pretty questionable performance when compared to other vapes which are half as costly (like the new eGo AIO which makes some dank cloud and nice flavor for less than half the price).

While the 1300 mAh battery is nice, and having a few voltage settings is nice too, there are much better products on the market which have at least 10x cloud and 2x flavor (using same liquid). I would not recommend this product to anyone, just because by taking a trip to your local vape store you can get a much better product for much cheaper.

On a slight tangent, in terms of replacing smoking, depending on your nicotine levels, I found that 12mg does not give you enough 'hits' to replace the amount of 'hits' it takes to smoke a light cigarette. With 3 - 4 hits of 12mg levels using the cloudmaker, you will have satisfied your nicotine craving. At max voltage setting with good airflow, you won't be near a decent cloud or close to a puff of real cigarette smoke. Thus this unit is not fun to use, and does not replace the behavioral addiction with respect to smoking cigs.

What I liked about this unit is that it has good airflow.

Good Airflow
Can replace smoking for a nicotine fix
Good diameter

Too expensive for performance
Too large (its a particularly long vape)
Not enough cloud from a vape
Metallic flavor due to design of mouthpiece (easy to replace though)
(Posted on 2016-04-22)
My experience over a year Review by b-[eg
In reply to ‘cam’ and my experiences

I have used these for over a year. First, one battery is not enough, even with saying it is about equivalent to 2 packs or so. I never smoked that much but one batter is insuffienct. I also suggest getting a charger for work as well as home.

In reply to some reviewers concerns, you need to change the vaporizing coil, and that is quite inexpensive. Also, if you taste burnt stuff in your vapor, just discard that dark liquid and fill it with fresh clear liquid. The waste is minimal. And I suggest giving the tank and machined metal part a bath in vodka every few months to really clean it and remove dark stuff. Then while when wet with alcohol wipe everything down with a clean disposable cloth.

As the atomizer fails it leaks, and glycols and other gunk gets into places where it shouldn’t be – especially the electrical connections. This can severely impact battery charging efficiency and device function. To resolve these issues take a Kleenex and wipe the charger until the tissue wipes off clean. Do the same for the battery. Then roll up a clean tissue and stick it down into the charger and wipe until it comes out clean. Not the battery is like a piston and gets pushed inside as it makes contact with the battery, so you need to turn your paper towel/tissue into a pointy thing. Now, step two, repeat the above cleaning but this time dip your disposable paper cloth in alcohol and I think you might be surprised at how much gunk comes out.

After these described cleanings the device will work great.

Now my only complaint. My first unit I enjoyed after I got an extra charger and battery, but then the tank broke after a year. You cant just buy the tank, you have to get the machined metal part too so it is $23 but should be cheaper. The replacement on was never dropped, and in less than two weeks I saw it sitting on a table, and just suddenly shatter. Two weeks and total breakage kind of made me mad. But, I went and got another replacement tank and I hope this one works a long time.

(Posted on 2016-01-30)
Good for that price range Review by Carlos
This a good device for the size an the price, I used it couple months and I;m now going to move on to a bigger and bit more expensive device, but its a good introduction to vaping!
to the 2 stars reviewer below me: you probably just have to change your coil to get the same amount of vapor as the begining! They need to be changed regularly in any vape... (Posted on 2015-11-09)
Decent, but has issues Review by Cam
I have had this product for a few weeks now. It worked GREAT at the beginning. This vape has never been dropped, never been knocked over. It has issues with the battery not firing, and it doesn't produce even close to the amount of vapor as it did before!! I am extremely unsatisfied. I paid nearly $100 for this to just have it not work a few weeks later. (Posted on 2015-11-06)
Wonderful!! Review by Vicki
I have smoked for over 20 years and have tried to quit numerous times. You name it, I tried it. This is the first thing I have found that is as satisfying as a cigarette. It has been 3 weeks and I haven't had a cigarette in all that time!! I am thrilled! Thank you! I would recommend this to anyone trying to quit smoking. (Posted on 2015-10-01)
Great Value Review by VapingKing
I started off thinking that I'd go with an Aspire kit, but the 180 branded kit came with everything I needed to vape for the first time! I love the flavour from this, and the extra coil was essential when my first one burnt out....I wish it had lasted a bit longer, but I guess that's why there's extras :P (Posted on 2015-07-15)
Great Upgrade Review by Killain
I've been using the cloud maker 3.0 for a while now, but was looking forward to getting more flavour from my hits...this device is great for that. For an early entry vaper, the Cloud Maker Plus really gives me the best bang for my buck.; The extra coil and the bottle of juice sold it for me ! THey shipped to Vancouver so fast, I barely felt like i was waiting! Thanks 180 Smoke (Posted on 2015-07-15)
Best combination of value and power Review by Gretchen
For $75 I get a powerful, long lasting device. The adjustments let me fine tune my vaping, and not only that but 180 Smoke has some of the best help! Liam, Jesse, and Joel are so helpful and accommodating to new vapers like me. They took the time to tell me how everything works, even though they were really busy! My only complaint is the size, but as they pointed out, the bugger the device the better vape. (Posted on 2015-04-26)
Appreciate the warranty and great customer service Review by Jennifer
I was initially going to order the kangertech EMOW kit from their website but realized it was going to be around 100.00 including shipping to send to Canada. 180 Smoke's branded version doesnt come with the 5 pack of coils, but the price is right (around 84 bucks after tax is pretty good value for this setup) and it still comes with 1 extra coil and some e juice. Plus you get the face to face experience if you dont know much about the products. I knew what I was buying but the guys in the store were really helpful to some older folks that were in there while I was. (Posted on 2015-04-19)
I love this product! Review by Mashall M.
I recently decided to upgrade my device from the Cloudmaker Essential 3.0 and the difference is unbelievable! The taste and quality of the vapor keeps me smiling day after day. I used to vape but smoke the occasional cigarette but with the new device I never feel the urge to smoke anymore, I love it so much. (Posted on 2015-04-05)
best starter kit I've found Review by Marshawn L
The cloud maker plus was the perfect solution for me. I had an Ego battery that didn't last for long enough. The simplicity of this setup is what sold me, and the tank is metal and very high quality. Great flavor, smooth vape, and long lasting battery makes this the ideal kit for just about anyone looking to quit smoking (Posted on 2015-03-29)
Good product Review by Robert
This was my first starter kit and I think it's a pretty good one, it's simple to use, produces good vapour and it lasts a while. I've recommended it to my friends a coworkers who still smoke. (Posted on 2015-03-26)
The best! Review by Samantha
This is the first e-cig I bought and I quit cigarettes immediately. I tried to upgrade to something with a bigger tank, but I don't like! I love this thing, I bought an extra set-up for a back up and to have an extra flavour on the go ;) (Posted on 2015-03-20)
Great stuff Review by Joe D.
I bought this for my friend who wanted to try e-cigs. I personnaly have a box mod and subtank, but was impressed by the vapour comin out of this little device, it's not as good as my setup, but still awesome! (Posted on 2015-03-18)
Excellent Quality! Very Impressed! Review by Tim
I was new to vaping but I knew that I wanted something that I could offer me some control over my experience, the Cloudmaker Plus delivered and then some!

The battery lasts me all day, the tank allows me to get a perfect pull and gives me lots of vapor! I haven't smoked in two weeks! Can't say enough about this thing!

Thank you guys so much!

Thank you guys so much! (Posted on 2015-02-18)
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