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The Cloud Maker Nano is one of the most compact refillable vaping device in the world.
It combines the size and automatic, button-less, activation of our starter kits cigalikes, with the flavour and amount of vapour you'd except from our other Cloud Makers.

As with any refillable e-cigarette, you will need to regularly replace the coil, usually after 2 weeks to a month depending how often you use it. You can find replacement coils for the Cloud Maker Nano here.

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Key Features

Inhale Activation
Compact Size
Rechargeable Battery
Refillable Tank
1mL Clearomizer
E-liquid Included


180 Smoke is proud to present to you the Cloud Maker Nano, a high performance ultra-compact refillable electronic cigarette!

The Cloud Maker Nano is one of the most compact refillable vaping device in the world. It combines the size and automatic, button-less, activation of our starter kits cigalikes, with the flavour and nice amount of vapour that you would expect from our larger Cloud Makers.

Barely bigger than an actual cigarette, it still performs as well as devices two or three times its size, producing nice clouds of vapour and great flavour, and since it is refillable with e-liquid bottles it is way more cost effective than cigalikes models with cartridges, saving you up to 10 times the value compared to tobacco cigarettes, instead of 4 times with cartridges.

It's extremely easy to use, just unscrew the clearomizer/tank from the battery, unscrew the bottom part (coil/atomizer), and fill the 1ml clear tank with your favourite e-liquid. Screw everything back together onto the battery, and after waiting 5-10 min for the coil to soak in the liquid, you only have to inhale through the tip of the clearomizer to activate the Cloud Maker Nano and produce a flavourful cloud of vapour.

The tip of the battery will light up green while it is being activated, and will blink when it is time to recharger your battery. A full charge of the battery should give you to fills of the tank, or 2ml of e-liquid, equivalent to 1,5 packs of cigarettes for most people.

The pull on the Cloud Maker Nano is pretty tight, making it ideal for people looking for a device to help them switch that will look and feel as close to a cigarette as possible, while being cost-effective thanks to the use of e-liquid refills instead of cartridges.

As with any refillable e-cigarette, you will need to regularly replace the coil, usually after 2 weeks to a month depending how often you use it. You can find replacement coils for the Cloud Maker Nano here.

Features :

  • Automatic, button-less, activation of the device when inhaling.
  • Battery light indicates when activated, and blinks to indicate you to recharge it.
  • Improved atomizer coil technology provides a great flavourful amount of vapour in a very compact size.
  • 1ml clearomizer tank is easily refillable.
  • Tight pull when inhaling, very close to the feeling of a real cigarette.
  • Lasting battery that will allow you to fill the tank twice before needing to recharger it,  equivalent to approximately 1,5 packs of cigarettes for most.
  • Easy to recharge with its small USB charger in any computer USB port, or with a USB wall adapter (sold separately).
  • Replaceable coil in the clearomizer, for an extended lifespan of the device.

Includes :

  • 1x Cloud Maker Nano battery
  • 1x Cloud Maker Nano clearomizer (1ml capacity)
  • 1x Cloud Maker Nano atomizer coil
  • 1x Cloud Maker Nano USB charger
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Bottle of 180 e-Liquid (30ml) of your choice

You can also add a USB Wall adapter is you want to charge your battery on a standard outlet instead of a computer.


Customer Reviews 32 item(s)

Review by Frank
(Posted on 2018-10-15)

This vape has an extremely weak throat hit even with a high 40mg nicotine nic salt. I'm used to a Juno vape so this gives me no satisfaction whatsoever.

Other than that it's a really nice device, well made and easy to refill. It's just not for me or anyone else looking for a throat hit. Maybe if you're just looking for the psychological aspect of it.

Review by Télle
(Posted on 2018-06-22)

I've long since upgraded from this thing onto a more "advanced unit", but I still got one of these in my back pocket for when my inlaws show up and I need to have a sneaky vape in the bathroom ;)

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a vapes, but a vape pen will always be your most trusted.

Review by Jay
(Posted on 2018-01-29)

I really like it. The only nitpick is the battery life, but like.. it's a tiny battery and I paid 30 bucks so I got what I expected.

Review by Mr. Isaac
(Posted on 2018-01-22)

+ Affordable
+ Battery lasts long for a device this size
+ Easy to use, fill and charge
+ Everything you need for the first few weeks
+ Great alternative to smoking

- Flimsy
- Doesn't produce a lot of vapour
- Long charge time

Review by Alex
(Posted on 2018-01-18)

Great product both with quality of vape (I wanted this style but in quality item)
And the glass dropper of vape liquid is also very high quality in contrast to competition.

If you are like me and a menthol smoker please order the smooth menthol.
I ordered heavy and it's too...um ...heavy

Arrived quickly like 30hrs from order even via can post.

I hope the accessories are restocked soon and gold tips and other colours would be nice. I've had many vapes and have gone back to this style for ciggalike smoking as it's more convenient than the boxes which are much better for wax and concentrate 'home' use.

Review by Kimberly
(Posted on 2018-01-08)

Ok so, I bought this on a whim , boxing day sale and I wanted to meet the price for free shipping. I decided to add this little kit because it was cheap and why not.
I've been a pack a day smoker for over a decade and honestly have never even attempted to quit my habit, I just haven't wanted to at all. Fast forward to receiving this in the mall, excited but not expecting much . I charged it up, tried it out with the French Vanilla salt nix it came with. I thought, yeah this is pretty enjoyable. Fast forward again 3 days, I realize I almost have 3 full packs of smokes piling up (My partner grabs a pack for me everytime he gets off work) I realize I have been choosing my new little nano vape over cigarettes every time. I'm now going on over a week smoking 4-5 smokes during the day, down from 20-25 ! And the only reason I smoke the cigarettes is because my nano is charging !!!!
This little device has slapped me in the face with the first time every realization that I can quit my beloved cigarette habit ! I'm blown away ! I'm placing an order for a back up nano and 2 nanos for my mom! My best friend is has also placed an order ! I think we're all in shock that I, of all people cuz I Loved and needed my smoking, has been so changed by this device!
It's a perfect size, perfect pull, So easy and convenient ! It's like the best parts of smoking but smells, tastes and makes you feel much better! The only down side is waiting for it to charge but $30 for another kit and I'll be golden ! I have to say , this is the best purchase I've made in my life !

Review by JM
(Posted on 2017-12-04)

Fairly light, feels like a cigarette in my hand, nice drag and smoke. One of the best I've tried. Rec'd strawberry - flavour is just right. I really like this product.

Review by Ashton
(Posted on 2017-12-03)

Picked this up for my 65yr old mom a while back, and I’m so glad I did. She started using it regularly right away and hasn’t had a cigarette since.

Review by Mary Jo
(Posted on 2017-11-23)

Excellent e-cigarette. Nice and light, works well, easy to carry around.

Review by Serge
(Posted on 2017-11-20)

Looks and feels almost exactly like a cigarette. Great vapour, easy to carry around. Might pick up another one for different flavours.

Review by Aaron W.
(Posted on 2017-10-23)

First: It conked out on me at about the 6 month period but it worked pretty well up until then. I actually didn’t expect it to last as long as it did for a $30 product (with juice).

Second: It’s a good device for an introduction to vaping. It’s simple and I never had an issues with it (aside from it dying). If you know you’re going to stick with vaping I’d suggest getting something else, but if you’re looking for something to start out with to dip your feet in the water than this is a good device to go with. Just don’t expect to use it for years on end.

Review by Muffs
(Posted on 2017-08-13)

This was my first device to try out vaping. Quitting smoking is a difficult thing, but with this vape device it has been made easier. It produces a very nice and comforting warm vapor and decent vapor production similar to a cigarette but will produce substantially more vapor. It is a great device to start on, to see what vaping is like. I would recommend purchasing an extra tank at least to go with this kit, so you can have different flavors on the go - just easily screw off the tank and screw another on the battery. I would also recommend getting a bunch of extra coils to go with it when you make your order. An extra battery would also be good to get.

I have since moved onto larger devices that produce more vapor, but if you are new, it would be a good start. Mostly I have used liquids with 70vg/30pg ratio with this one with no problems whatsoever. The tanks are easy to clean and maintain and the tip is also very easy to clean. This is a very affordable and cost efficient alternative to cigarettes and wish you all the very best of luck with quitting smoking.

Review by Penny
(Posted on 2017-07-20)

This was my first ever vape! It was great, small like a cigarette, easy and charge to fill. I ended up getting a second kit to use while the first was charging. The only thing I noticed was that it didn't do very well with thicker e-liquids, so try and go for something like a 50/50 PG/VG for best results.

Review by Dave
(Posted on 2017-07-18)

Best vape device from 180 smoke. I've tried all the others and this one resembles a cigarette most.. Good pull and smoke production. Only improvement I would suggest is maybe you can make it fully metal in the future that would be great since the sticker starts peeling after awhile. And a better light that you can see more when you pull drags on it because the light at tip is hard to see from the user end unless you're looking in a mirror.

Review by Jade
(Posted on 2017-07-14)

I was pleasantly surprised to find this nearly ready to go right out of the package. The package smelled delicious as soon as I opened, a bit of scent from the included e-liquid (protected in bubble wrap - thank you!). The included instruction booklet is very short, simple, and easy to follow. More detailed instructions can be found online, but I haven't needed any further info.

After reading the short instructions, I unscrewed the clearomizer from the atomizer and carefully added the e-liquid. Threaded and twisted it back together and put it aside to let the e-liquid absorb in to the atomizer (as stated in instructions).

About 10 minutes later, I crossed my fingers and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find the battery arrived charged! The "clouds" are quite small, but the flavour is great!

I don't smoke regularly - mainly with drinks or in social settings. Translating to this device: it lasted four days with occasional puffs before I charged the battery. I let it die before re-charging to set the charge capacity. Now it's still going on its first re-charge - day 5 (I've been using it less).

As an occasional or social "smokeless smoker", the battery and 1ml clearomizer last for days, so I won't worry when leaving the house (if both clearomizer and battery are full) about running out or packing more e-juice along if it's only for an evening.

I deducted one star because I wish the "cloud" that's inhaled off this could be just a bit thicker/denser/more "smokey". I understand it's a nano, but it's still hard to get a pull even close to the *super slim* cigarettes I was used to smoking.

Review by Mana
(Posted on 2017-06-07)

I was a moderate smoker. I wanted to give an e-cigarette a try, but didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on something that might not work. I found this kit and the price was right, so I gave it a shot. I dropped my nicotine level down from 18 to 12, to 6, and am currently on 3.

I just ordered a second Nano so that I can have one with the 3mg nicotine, and one with 0mg, so that it'll be easier to switch back and fourth.

This has been an excellent little device over the past several months. I've recommended it to a bunch of my colleagues (one of whom was using the patch to quit with me... but has since gone the Nano route as well!)

The Nano, it's reliability, and its price point have really helped a bunch of us start towards non-smoking. I haven't had an "analog" cigarette since receiving my Nano.

It's small, which is nice (fits in the pen holder of my laptop bag) and doesn't make gigantic plumes of vapor. Charge lasts a good while. Frequency of coils needing to be replaced, I've noticed, has a lot to do with the type of liquid you're using.

Review by Henry
(Posted on 2017-04-20)

I have been a moderate smoker (1/2 - 1 pack a day) for 40+ years. Tried gums, cold turkey, etc to quit before and it didn't take. Figured after smoking for so long part of the problem was missing the act of smoking not just the nicotene and other chemicals. I purchased a Nano because I wanted something that resembled a cigarette as much as possible. The Nano pretty much fits the bill there (although I would have like the battery to be white instead of black).

I am happy to say that I had my last cigarette the day the Nano arrived, that was over 2 months ago. While it is not identical to a cigarette, it has been close enough that I just need a small bit of willpower to hang in there when the odd craving spike hits. I think finding the right juice is very important to succeeding. If it doesn't taste right, you just won't use it.

I tried some of the 180 tobacco flavours hoping that the change from real cigarettes to vaping would not be drastic and put me off. The 180 tobacco flavours did not do it for me (tasted too much like American cigarettes). Lately though I tried some "dessert" flavours from 180 (strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and mocha) just to see how they would work out. To my surprise, I am loving the strawberry and the vanilla and I haven't used the tobacco flavours for weeks.

Bottom line, the Nano works for me. No cigarette for over 2 months after being a steady smoker for 40+ years. And I am saving a small fortune on smokes. It's not exactly the same as a cigarette but with a small amount of willpower it should do the job. Worked well enough for me that my wife, daughter and a friend all now have one too. If you're looking to quit cigarettes, the Nano is definitely worth a try.

Review by Daiselise
(Posted on 2017-04-11)

Previously tried a more expensive vaporizer and it always produced an almost burnt taste and ran too hot. Got the cloud maker nano. The nano is awesome, unassuming but very powerful, and leaves a really pleasant taste. 11/10 will buy again

Review by Haze
(Posted on 2017-03-30)

Ordered this pen with 0mg ejuice a few weeks ago. I didnt want the ejuice as I make my own, and found this little vape pen to be excellent quality for the price. So much so, I am ordering another.

Review by Mikey
(Posted on 2017-02-24)

I purchased two of these kits so that i would have a spare tank/battery to switch out as the day goes on. I have found myself needing the spare battery more than the tank, 1ml lasts a good while in these things. The battery life is decent, quite good, i get the better part of a day from medium use. I like these the most for their button-less design, makes it easy when driving or otherwise semi occupied, i will definitely be buying more as i need them. I have a few other vapes, kanger, joyetech, but these are probably my favorite because of their quick and easy function. They also have great flavor, it is certainly dependent on the quality of your ejuice but i have found these to be consistently better than the other mods that i own. I would highly recommend these for their ease of use, flavor, cloud and build quality. One issue to note is that i had a battery go bad within the first week, stopped taking a charge and wouldnt fire when assembled. The customer service lady i spoke with was truly great, she made things easy and they are sending a replacement battery too me with the exchange of a few emails. Thanks 180 smoke! This is a great product!

Review by Johm
(Posted on 2017-02-11)

I'm an ex smoker and tried the other bigger cloud maker models first like the essential and the plus because I thought bigger meant better. Something just wasn't right. They were too clunky and heavy and didn't feel like a cigarette at all, more like a pipe or doing bods..And just way too raunchy..Then I decided to try the nano and was pleasantly surprised...It felt nice, almost like a real cigarette..small, good vapour, smooth not raunchy and I knew I found the right one..My mistake for not trying this from the beginning..I think this will be the one I can replace my real cigarettes with. It's been 2 weeks and I cut my cigarettes to just 2 a day from a pack...The nano is awesome trust me.

Review by fbcote
(Posted on 2017-02-02)

I wasn't expecting for much but was very surprised. It is very well made, sturdy and easy to use. I wanted something small that i can use during the day at work. Found it!!!

Review by Crystal
(Posted on 2016-12-12)

I just got mine today and I already love it!! It's not bulky,or heavy! It's small which I like! Great price too. Would recommend this to anyone who wants something smaller

Review by Sharon
(Posted on 2016-08-21)

Love/hate the Nano.As a former smoker switching to vaping I bought a variable voltage and the Nano when switching.The bigger volume vape was excellent for transitioning and the Nano provides close to the same physical and sensory experience long term cig smokers miss when switching.I would only be using just the Nano at this point but for the wildly varying quality of the product.I have had 3 of these.The first bought a year ago which I didnt use until I was used to the variable.Despite connections being clean,coils soaked etc the battery would not hold a charge for more than a couple hours.The coils would taste burnt really quickly.The plastic tanks on Nanos 1 and 2 started separating from the screw thing by the coil after about 2 months and had to be taped.It was replaced by a service rep that suggested I was using it too much.The second one and the pack of coils was great,battery charged and lasted up to 8 hours.The second pack of coils lasted an average of 3!!!! weeks never tasted burnt ever.It was great.My last order about 6 weeks ago the coils are lasting about 1 week and taste burnt the battery lasts about 4 hours and the plastic tank is already separating and needs tape.Quality control being sketchy I would still recommend the Nano as an alternative for anyone who is a long time cig smoker and is used to the way smoking is done.Coils are often out of stock though which sucks cause I dont have money all the time to get them when they are in stock.

Review by ambvan
(Posted on 2016-05-03)

got my cloud maker nano today, everything i wanted and more. Easy to use, nice small size very discreet. As close to a real cigarette experience you can get vaping. the product is still to heavy to hold between your lips without it falling, but what can you expect!

Review by Ash
(Posted on 2015-11-02)

I don't crave cigarettes at all (only maybe after a beer). Nano generates good amount of vapes, its small, great quality. the battery lasts me about 2 - 2 1/2 days, using it 6-7 times a day and 5 -7 puffs each time. I think this is going to be the product that will help me quit smoking while still getting the sensation of smoking without the other few thousands chemicals when I need to...so far so good. Maybe I will do another review in couple of months...

Review by Ash
(Posted on 2015-11-02)

Ive been using Cloud Maker Nano for a little over a week now and only smoked cigarettes one day during this time.
I don't crave cigarettes at all (only maybe after a beer). Nano generates good amount of vapes, its small, great quality. the battery lasts me about 2 - 2 1/2 days, using it 6-7 times a day and 5 -7 puffs each time. I think this is going to be the product that will help me quit smoking while still getting the sensation of smoking without the other few thousands chemicals when I need to...so far so good. Maybe I will do another review in couple of months...

Review by Davey
(Posted on 2015-10-05)

I have only had it for a day but so far it seems good. Makes a lot of smoke. I tried the watermelon juice and it's pretty good but my friend had e-juice from the states called tuti fruiti and it had a much more flavorful taste.

Review by Oleksandr
(Posted on 2015-09-13)

I bought this one with the goal of quitting smoking. It's very well made, really high quality materials.
It served the purpose, I completely quit smoking cigarettes the very first day of using this one. No more stinking body parts and clothes. It produces a very good cloud and tastes great first couple of days of using. In a couple of days of using coils begin to smell burnt and don't produce as much of a cloud. Rinsing the coil with alcohol after every refill helps to prolong it's life for a week or so, but in some coils the fuse starts to fall off.
Also I bought a spare battery so one is always charging while I use the other. I vape a lot I must say.
One day I ran out of juice and went to a local vape store to buy some, while I was waiting for delivery from this site, and tried juices with their vaporizers and I was amazed with a difference - much more flavor and vape. When I came home and filled my tank with that new juice from local store it tasted like crap.
So my personal advice - this one is good just for start (it's called a starters kit anyway), in a long term it will turn out to be more expensive and disappointing. If you're gonna vape once in 1-2 days won'd disappoint you.
The juices I've tried so far from 180 smoke are much better tasting than the ones from local store.

Review by Jed
(Posted on 2015-07-03)

With something as small as this, I was expecting to get almost no vapor from a puff and run out of fluid almost instantly; I was pleasantly surprised to find that this worked just as well as my older, larger variable wattage vape - same great flavor, great clouds and even easier to carry around. I would recommend this to anyone who is quitting like myself, or just wants something small and concealable to puff on discretely.

Review by Shawn D
(Posted on 2015-05-08)

Small, cheap, easy to use! That's about all there is to it and that's the way I like it!

Review by Don
(Posted on 2015-05-06)

I quit smoking already, but when I go out I like to have something to drag on. This is the best for that. Small puffs, great flavour, super concealable.

Highly recommend to anyone looking to quit or have a tiny back up.