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Cloud Maker Nano Clearomizer

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Replacement Clearomizer for your Cloud Maker Nano, comes in gold or silver, and includes a coil (atomizer).
Ease of Use
Cloud Size
Power Requirements

Key Features

510 Threaded
Fixed Dual Bottom Airflow
1mL Capacity
High Resistance Coil
Bottom-fill Design
Stainless Steel Construction with E-liquid Window


Replacement Clearomizer for your Cloud Maker Nano, comes in gold or silver, and includes a coil (atomizer).

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Review by Cheryl
(Posted on 2018-01-11)

I HAD to leave another review because when I read the other one I see here for the second time, I have to assume that the customer got a unit that was faulty - the clearomizer part perhaps?
I've been using the Cloud Maker Nano for the best part of a year now - as my daily device. I've had no problems; none. There's no overheating at all. I think I Did mention in my first review that the finish on the top of the clearomizer - the tip that screws off and on for easy cleaning - doesn't retain the nice silver sheen it has when it's brand new. But it doesn't have any effect apart from a visual one.

The shape is round like an analogue - it's just a little bit longer and weighs not much more than a cigarette. There's no button to push; just drag and pull in the vapour. This is the closest thing to smoking I've found. And I've been vaping for years now; I've tried many devices including the up-to-date stuff. One note: the device doesn't work well if you use a VG ratio above 70. 70VG/30PG or lower is great.

I love this device and will be broken-hearted if they stop making it. Try it for yourself and see!

Review by Cheryl
(Posted on 2017-11-16)

My experience with this vaper is quite different from the user's review above. This clearomizer, together with the 'Cloud Maker Nano' battery, is my everyday, go-to device. The only problem I've found is that the tip loses its shiny silver finish after about a week of daily, almost constant use - and to call this a problem is a stretch. I've had no problems with the battery getting hot, it holds a charge for a good 3 hours, it produces a good amount of vaper and its shape, combined with no button needing to be pushed, creates the sensation of an analogue better than any e-cig I've found. (POD devices come close but they're not the right shape.) I've been using the Cloud Maker daily for about 4 months and I've been vaping for more than 5 years so I've tried my share of kits.
One suggestion I'd make is to use e-juices that don't exceed 60% VG. Otherwise there's a tendency to get dry hits because the liquid is too thick for the coil.

Review by Jay
(Posted on 2017-01-20)

Longevity lacking.
Plastic tank - WILL MELT IF YOU CHAIN VAPE. Lasts typically 1.5months before the plastic degrades from clear to a cloudy semi-melted look.
Replacement coils are hit n miss. I've had a package with 2/5 coils fall apart. If you show them this they will replace it.
A build up of ejuice will happen at the tip of the cap/mouth tip. Work around i found is to take an ear cleaner to the cap to collect any build up. With the mouth tip/cap off, and the tank removed from the battery, blow air into the bottom from where the tank connects to battery to get rid of any build up within the line. It's a bit annoying, but doing this 1-2x a day is a lot nicer then getting a mouth full of ejuice.

Easy n cheep. The "gate-way" product to vaping.
Coils last 2-3 weeks. (they say change it every week, but until it taste burnt it's fine)
Perfect for casual vaping. Like, take 5 hits and put it away until it cools down kinda deal. Anymore causes damage faster.
Much easier to fill then other pen tanks. Glass tanks do exists, as the battery/pen is pretty generic and theirs a lot of them out their. However, the tempered glass ones are very very expensive. It's cheaper annually to just replace the whole thing for $10.

side note: this isn;t designed for thc related concentrated juices...just, don't do it. :(