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Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit

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This is the new and improved version of our Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit

Click here for replacement coils (atomizers).

Ease of Use
Battery Capacity
Vapor Production

Key Features

LED Battery Indicator
Single Button Operation
650 Battery
1.6mL Capacity
Pen-style Device


E-Cigarettes Safety Eco Friendly USB Rechargeable 10x Savings 100 Days Warranty

Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit

This is the new and improved version of our Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit. It is the basic starter package for a more advanced e-Cigarette platform branded by 180 Smoke. It utilizes an improved BVC atomizer which is replaceable, saving you even more money, a 1.6 ml tank with durable metal casing, and a 650 mAh battery with a low power indicator making it a great product for a regular smoker looking for an easy switch to e-cigarettes.


  • Advanced cloud maker vapor production platform
  • Good vapor volume
  • One of the most cost effective devices - can save current smokers up to 90% of their cigarette budget
  • Manual on/off feature for child safety
  • Ready to fill with e-liquid
  • Replaceable coils/atomizers saving you money and saving excess waste
  • LED light on the button indicates battery life
  • Auto-protect function to prevent overcharging
  • ZERO tobacco, ZERO tar, ZERO smoke, and ZERO combustion


  • 1 x rechargeable lithium ion battery, 650 mAh capacity. Each charge will last about 1 pack of cigarette equivalent
  • 1 x bottom dual coil clearomizer with metal casing and 1.6 mL capacity lasting about 1.5 packs of cigarettes equivalent
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x E-juice bottle of your choice (30 mL, approx 20-25 packs of cigarettes equivalent)

Click here for replacement coils (atomizers).

Maintenance: The performance of your atomizer (heating coil) goes down after 3-4 weeks of heavy use. Heavy vapers will need to replace it more frequently than light vapers. Changing the atomizer is part of the maintenance of an electronic cigarette and it is cheap and very easy to do it. Depending on your personal preference you may change atomizers more or less often. A burnt taste or leaking is a good indication that the coil may need to be changed.

How Does it Work?

You shoud never pull too hard  when "vaping"as that forces more liquid than normal to go to the atomzier causing it to "flood". This reduces the atomizer's capability to vaporize liquid properly. it also doesn't give enough time for a good amount of tasty vapor to produce. if you pull slowly for 3-4 seconds (or longer if required) you will pull more vapor and it will be tastier. 

See what's inside the Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 in this unboxing video :

Cloudmaker Refills:
e-cigarette refills
The Cloud Maker series uses bottled e-Liquid refills. Each 10ml bottle is equivalent to about 250 regular cigarettes.

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Customer Reviews 27 item(s)

Review by Grimm
(Posted on 2018-01-05)

I agree with most of what Fuzzy's review said (especially with the battery indicator). However... it's a $30 kit.

I started with a stick device (I only use sticks) at Vape29 and that thing was a piece of crap.

Having said that, the 180 one is much better. I don't expect a BMW for 30 bucks and I don't expect this thing to blow me away for 30 bucks either. Having said that, for the price it's one of the better ones I've used in terms of durability, how easy it is to use and how long it lasts me. I've had a $90 vape before that lasted for a month and this has even lasted longer.

Review by Fuzzy
(Posted on 2017-12-28)

Disclaimer: This was/is my first vape and I'm not vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Some of this will apply to just the 180smoke website, some will apply to the product specifically.

1. It's a good price compared to the other vape pens I've researched which makes it good for people who are new to vaping.

1. The battery is really small and slow to charge. Don't think you'll be able to get a full day of vaping out of a charge. I'd rather be able to stick one or two rechargeable AAs into it.
2. I personally dislike the way the battery status is displayed, the ring around the button when pressed will light up in a colour to show the battery level. I'd rather have this indicator somewhere which isn't covered up by your finger during use, and use multiple LEDs instead of a single tri-colour LED.
3. 180smoke doesn't appear to sell just the battery if you want to buy a spare one. It's also not clear if the battery uses a standard connector.
4. 180smoke has bad delivery options, does not include time estimates. I used "expedited parcel" which I expected to be 2-3 days similar to amazon shipping, ended up taking a full week.

Review by Wyatt
(Posted on 2017-12-20)

I would like to have seen a few added heat settings on this device as I find that the vapour it produces is a bit too cool for my liking

Review by Jemcat
(Posted on 2017-12-13)

Was skeptical about vaping and kind of intimidated, but the cloud maker essential kit is fabulous, works for me. Going on a month cigarette free, yea! The only complaint I have is that your throat is very dry the next morning, even more so than when you smoke cigs.

Review by Rich
(Posted on 2017-11-22)

At first I thought this kit just wasn’t powerful enough to get me off of cigarettes, but then I switched over to salt nix tobacco flavour. WOW what a difference! If you’re having a hard time kicking the habit, try the salt nix.

Review by Tellie
(Posted on 2017-11-10)

I've had a few of the stick devices in the past but this one is definitely the most study one I've used. Battery doesn't last as long as I'd like, but I'm used to smoking 12-14 times a day so none of them last long enough. For the money I'm spending I really like this one. It's really good.

Review by Trying to quit
(Posted on 2017-09-11)

Not recommended for anyone who smokes more than a few cigarettes a day. Very little draw with no hit.

Review by Tina
(Posted on 2017-08-30)

I thought about vaping to get off cigarettes for a long time but was overwhelmed by all options so I ended up impulse buying this kit and I loved it. I love that it came with everything I needed to get started, was simple to use, and discreet. After about a week, I was ready for an upgrade to something with a longer battery life but I still love that I can slip this in my bag and go all day.

Review by Joff
(Posted on 2017-08-18)

This e-cig vapes very good worth the money !

Review by courtney
(Posted on 2017-08-17)

Been a smoker for years... recently trying to quit but I love the actual act of smoking... not the poison I'm putting into my body. Did some research and emailed 180Smoke for some help. Immediate reply, and about 8 e-mails back and forth later I purchased this device. I'm a changed woman.... I'll never go back to the darts again. Easy to hold and use, portable. I got the blue and it's a cute colour. Been chuffing away on it and hardly using any oil, it's a perfect transition. Cannot wait to order new flavours!! A must have for a newbie like me

Review by muffinduk
(Posted on 2017-05-10)

I received my product and have only started using it today, but I feel as if it's all I'll ever need in a vape. Perfect amount of vapor production for me and a bit more flavor than my cloudmaker nano, although I still use both and I'm loving them both. I have only used the sweet watermelon flavor with this vape so far and I'm looking forward to loading up my blue and red star tobacco flavors as well! I'm elated when it comes to vaping because it has allowed me to cut down on my smoking tobacco use significantly, although I haven't completely cut it out. Both this product and the cloudmaker nano are incredibly easy to use and have a neat design. I am new to vaping but 180 smoke has been nothing but professional regarding my two shipments that I've made so far. They have also made it easy for me to break through into the world of vaping and have some very tasty flavors! Thanks guys

Review by Matty B
(Posted on 2017-04-05)

This is a completely true/unbiased assessment of this product... no bot or 180smoke employee here and I'm not being paid.

I bought this item about a week ago, after EXTENSIVE research, in the hopes that it would immediately lower my cost of nicotine ingestion and eventually help me quit smoking altogether. I'll be honest, I was absolutely skeptical of my plan and all the other reviews... until I received this item!

1 week ago I was smoking nearly a pack a day ($12-$13 for mid range smokes in my area) and I've tried several other products to help quit with short term or no success at all. Now I smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day, usually with my morning coffee and before bed, and I have no cravings in between. Understandably I can't give an accurate cost per day to use this e-cig since I have no personal reference for the lifespan on the battery/coil/tank but based on a coil lasting 3 weeks (low side of their estimate), the battery lasting 4 months (low side again) and the tank lasting until I break it (it seems pretty resilient so far) I'm looking at about $1.50-$1.75 a day (e-juice included) to get all my nicotine... without all the tar and other crap! The goal now is to slowly wean out the nicotine and eventually stop smoking/vaping altogether.

I'm so satisfied with this product that I actually bought a second kit yesterday to use for different flavours and while the other battery is charging. It's a shame this kit doesn't come with a case and these guys are sold out so I had to go to a different site for that though.

Few tips:
If you're a heavy smoker, consider 2 of these. Or at least a second battery (second kit is better bang for you buck though). My battery lasts about a day and a half BUT it takes about 2 hours to recharge from dead and I won't leave it plugged in over night.

Read the instructions and heed the instructions!! Long slow pulls is the key!! If you start pulling on this to fill your lungs you're going to have issues! I smoke weed daily and this is WAY worse than weed when you pull too much! Cough cough!!

I ordered the 12mg Vanilla juice and I think it's too strong for me even though I'm a regular smoker. I like the flavor so much I keep puffing and forget how much nicotine is entering my system (remember it takes longer to absorb the nicotine from vapor than it does from smoke)... mild nicotine symptoms the first couple days. The kit I just ordered has 6mg juice so I'll try it then mix the 12 and 6 together and see how it works.

DON'T order extra juice! I've now got 3 30ml bottles with a 4th on the way (included in the second kit) and it will take forever to use it all! After about a week I've used maybe 5 or 6ml. I assure you, it lasts longer than you'd think!

All in all I'd highly recommend this e-cig and give it a 5 out 5 rating but I have never used another e-cig so I can't compare. All I know is that I'm getting EXACTLY what I had hoped for out of this.

Review by Smorgastarta
(Posted on 2017-03-21)

If you're like me and intimated by new things, this is the vape for you. It's made for beginners, one of the easiest vapes I've used. Highly recommend it!

Review by sonny
(Posted on 2017-03-07)

Just started with this kit a week ago and love it, great flavour and strong throat and nicotine hit. Using the 18mg red star liquid. Have already cut my regular cigs by half and hopefully by 90- 100 percent in the near future. Thanks so much to 180!!

Review by TRACEYB81
(Posted on 2017-02-03)

The first thing I noticed about this Pen Vape was that it gave me the same sensation of holding a cigarette. Huge PLUS! The second thing I noticed was the taste. My mouth didn't feel gross afterwards like with a cigarette and the e-liquid had a nice mellow after taste. I actually enjoyed it more than a cigarette...The craving for a cigarette seems to come quicker but I think that's just an adjustment period. It takes some time to get the right draw so you feel the same inhalation factor you do with a cigarette also but once you get the hang of it, it's not hard to make the switch. I loved the ritual of smoking but hated what it was doing to my health. This allows me the best of both worlds. First time Vaper and Loving it! This is an excellent product for smoker who want to try to an alternative approach to the long time ritual of smoking.....

Review by Mike
(Posted on 2017-01-25)

Do not look any further. Ive been smoking almost a pack a day for about 5-6 years. With this thing now i havent had a cigarette in 3 weeks! This thing is a life saver. They want you to spend 100s of dollars on a e cig, this one is $40! It is perfect im telling you theres no need to spend 100s of dollars. If you want to quit cigarettes, get up right now and head to the store and buy this thing asap. Im telling you it is a LIFE SAVER.

Review by Steve
(Posted on 2016-06-03)

Great battery the best clouds for such a little package ty an the juice is great tasting and a good cloud vapur.

Review by Mom on the Farm
(Posted on 2016-05-03)

The packaging and instructions that came with my Cloudmaker 3.0 Christmas gift were not easy to figure out. I tried contacting customer service via phone and email, to date haven't heard back. I'm committed to figuring this out and quitting smoking but it sure isn't easy when you're living in a rural area far from a store. I see plenty of review saying how the staff at the store helped set up the system, and probably demo'ed how to use it. Wish they could do the same for online orders.

Review by Natalie
(Posted on 2016-03-05)

my boyfriend uses a much heavier vape set up and i hated the way his giant one felt n my hand so i decided to research and get my own. I found this site and looked at the starter kits and opted for this cloud maker essential kit. i am so amazed at how it has curbed my cigarette cravings in just the 3 days since it arrived right to my door! the liquid that it came with is thick and gives a great flavour and even my boyfriend loves this style and so i have now ordered one for him. Thank you so much for making this simple and comfortable, even my dr is thrilled because i tried everything to quit smoking (30 year habit) and this is working like a charm. I tell everyone about this site and about my wonderful new vape habit. and my pretty pink vape pen.

Review by Jack
(Posted on 2015-07-14)

This thing is so basic, so I know why some of the more experienced vapers steer right clear of it. HOWEVER, it is definitely for starters and for getting the door into the vaping door. 180 Smoke in Toronto has perfected vaping to an entirely new degree. Easy assembly, easy maintainance and amazing customer service...great buy for the value!

Review by ZMILLS
(Posted on 2015-07-14)

The cloud maker is one of the best intro vaporizers on the market! Puts together super fast, and its ready to vape all the flavours I can buy. Had it set up at the store, and the staff recommended me the lemonade flavour....loving it !

Review by Kellie
(Posted on 2015-07-14)

Just got vaping with this product and I must say, I love it! Im not a heavy smoker, but using this and the e-juice have eliminated my habits almost entirely! Never have to bum a cig of one of my friends no more! Easy to set up and use...a great starter kit!

Review by Kellie
(Posted on 2015-07-14)

Just got vaping with this product and I must say, I love it! Im not a heavy smoker, but using this and the e-juice have eliminated my habits almost entirely! Never have to bum a cig of one of my friends no more! Easy to set up and use...a great starter kit!

Review by Abby
(Posted on 2015-07-14)

This product is definitely one of the best at 180. Its usability and convenience are unparalleled on the market. I havent been smoking for 2 weeks now, and I've definitely notcied better health...Thanks 180 Smoke. Their sales associate set me up and helped me start! I know its a bit basic and I'm hoping to upgrade, bu for now I'm happy puffing away on my very own cloudmaker

Review by Givens
(Posted on 2015-04-01)

This as plain Jane as it gets, but it's very solid. If you're new to e-cigs this is a nice place to start. I had one and I was able to quit, but I eventually upgraded to something more intense.

Review by Dave
(Posted on 2014-10-28)

I bought the Essential Kit 3.0 two weeks ago and haven't smoked a cigarette since - the kit along with extra e-juice has already paid itself back. I was smoking half pack a day (at least) and don't crave cigarettes at all - quite the contrary. I don't even use the e-cig that much, maybe 5-6 times a day. I can already feel the difference and hate cigarette smoke smell, just as if I had totally quit (I quit a couple of times but have smoked for 20+ years). Using 1.8% gold tobacco juice for now, will cut down to 1.2% in the future and then, hopefully, 0% nicotine. Awesome product! Service in the store was great and I was able to try various flavours before buying and got good advice.

Review by johannes
(Posted on 2014-07-18)

i was half pack a day and now I am a happy man with the 2.0. advice, get the extra wicks you'll want to change them every month. only couple bucks