Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit

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Please Note: this product has been phased out, and will not be restocked.

This is the new and improved version of our Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit

Click here for replacement coils (atomizers).


Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit

This is the new and improved version of our Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 Kit. It is the basic starter package for a more advanced e-Cigarette platform branded by 180 Smoke. It utilizes an improved BVC atomizer which is replaceable, saving you even more money, a 1.6 ml tank with durable metal casing, and a 650 mAh battery with a low power indicator making it a great product for a regular smoker looking for an easy switch to e-cigarettes.


  • Advanced cloud maker vapor production platform
  • Good vapor volume
  • One of the most cost effective devices - can save current smokers up to 90% of their cigarette budget
  • Manual on/off feature for child safety
  • Ready to fill with e-liquid
  • Replaceable coils/atomizers saving you money and saving excess waste
  • LED light on the button indicates battery life
  • Auto-protect function to prevent overcharging
  • ZERO tobacco, ZERO tar, ZERO smoke, and ZERO combustion


  • 1 x rechargeable lithium ion battery, 650 mAh capacity. Each charge will last about 1 pack of cigarette equivalent
  • 1 x bottom dual coil clearomizer with metal casing and 1.6 mL capacity lasting about 1.5 packs of cigarettes equivalent
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x E-juice bottle of your choice (30 mL, approx 20-25 packs of cigarettes equivalent)

Click here for replacement coils (atomizers).

Maintenance: The performance of your atomizer (heating coil) goes down after 3-4 weeks of heavy use. Heavy vapers will need to replace it more frequently than light vapers. Changing the atomizer is part of the maintenance of an electronic cigarette and it is cheap and very easy to do it. Depending on your personal preference you may change atomizers more or less often. A burnt taste or leaking is a good indication that the coil may need to be changed.

How Does it Work?

You shoud never pull too hard  when "vaping"as that forces more liquid than normal to go to the atomzier causing it to "flood". This reduces the atomizer's capability to vaporize liquid properly. it also doesn't give enough time for a good amount of tasty vapor to produce. if you pull slowly for 3-4 seconds (or longer if required) you will pull more vapor and it will be tastier. 

See what's inside the Cloud Maker Essential 3.0 in this unboxing video :

Cloudmaker Refills:

The Cloud Maker series uses bottled e-Liquid refills. Each 10ml bottle is equivalent to about 250 regular cigarettes.

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