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Aspire Nautilus Mini

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Aspire Nautilus Mini Clearomizer Kit - The most popular clearomizer on the market, 2ml Pyrex glass tank, with variable airflow, and BVC coil technology.

Compatible coils: Aspire Nautilus BVC replacement coilsAspire Triton Mini Nickel Coils

Ease of Use
Cloud Size
Amount of Airflow
Well/E-Liquid Capacity

Key Features

2mL Capacity
Adjustable Bottom Airflow
Restricted Draw
Stainless Steel Construction with Pyrex Reservoir
19mm Diameter
510 Threaded


The most popular clearomizer on the market! The Aspire Nautilus Mini offers the same patented revolutionary variable airflow system as his big brother Nautilus, but with an improved designed combined of the variable ringm, as well as the new bottom vertical coil, which is known to produce more vapor and a noticably better flavor than most clearomizer, in a more compact 2ml pyrex glass tank and stainless steel body, the Aspire Nautilus Mini is sure to become your go-to clearomizer like tons of vapers across the world!
The kit comes with 2 coils (1.8 Ohm), a beauty ring for Ego-threads and the clearomizer itself.
The air flow control allows to control the type of draw you get when you puff, as well as fine tune how much e-Liquid feeds into the coil head.

Compatible coils: Aspire Nautilus BVC replacement coilsAspire Triton Mini Nickel Coils


  • Stainless Steel Clearomizer body with Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Working voltage range = 3.3V - 6.0V
  • Resistance level = 1.8ohms
  • Tank capacity = 2ml
  • Size = H1.91cm L7.28cm W1.91cm
  • Includes = 1x Aspire Nautilus 5ml clearomizer; 1x Beauty Ring for Ego Thread; 1x Replacement Aspire BVC coil ; 1x User Manual; 1x Gift Box



Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Review by Reggie T
(Posted on 2017-12-29)

Man do they make these things tight! Had the same issue, found the same solution as most of the people in here. Buddy in the store said that it Nautilus screws them in super tight to stop them from sliding around during shipping and breaking. Good enough.

Now onto the tank, it's great! Got a similar pull to a cigarette.

Review by Holden
(Posted on 2017-07-12)

I've been vaping for three days and I have completely gone off tobacco since. I had a problem that was similar to what other people experienced. I have an iStick 30W with a Nautilus Mini tank and the first time I needed to refill the tank with juice it just wouldn't unscrew, no matter how hard I tried. I looked up a quick hack online that worked like magic! I wrapped an elastic around the base and it unscrewed SO easily with no effort at all. I hope this helps others.

Review by Mike in Montreal
(Posted on 2017-03-22)

I bought several of these to retire my Aspire CE5-S tanks that use fragile O-rings and become troublesome and leaky with age. No regrets at all; filling and assembly is a pleasure. Vape quality is perfect thanks to the nicely machined airflow selector. I happen to dislike metal mouthpieces; a quick swap to plastic from the old donor tanks fixed that in a hurry. Don't hesitate to try a Mini.

Also, a tip of the hat to the 180 Smoke people. Great prices and customer service. Thanks... I'll be back for more stuff.

Review by Rose
(Posted on 2016-12-06)

I've only been vaping for a couple of months so I haven't experienced all tanks but so far, this is my favorite. It's a very easy tank to fill. The coil stays attached to the top once you've unscrewed it so there is only the vapor tube in the middle you need to avoid and worst case if you overfill, it drips into the tube and out the bottom.
It has airflow adjustment and one setting is the closest to dragging on a cigarette I have experienced so far. This was important for me - I don't want to miss anything about my cigarettes. The feeling of sucking on an empty tube with no resistance just wasn't working for me.

I have only two complaints. The first is leakage into the tube. Mine gurgles somewhat frequently although it's just a matter of turning it upside-down and tapping it out onto a paper-towel. My second issue drives me just a little crazy. The bottom screws on so snugly that I actually need to use pliers each time I want to refill. The main reason for the problem is this section has the airflow adjuster right in the middle so you can't get a grip on it.

In the end, the annoyances are far outweighed by the quality of the vape I get from it. I gladly suffer through using pliers on it to experience a premium puff. Recommended!

Review by Fletcher
(Posted on 2016-10-15)

This is by far the best mouth to lung tank 180 carries. I've had mine for over a year and still haven't had any leaking issues whatsoever. Great purchase for any beginner or experienced vaper. Gives a cigarette-like throat hit with good flavour and no problems.

Review by Rick
(Posted on 2016-02-19)

I love that this tank has lots of room to fill your tank. I also like how it's so easy to see the juice in the tank and when you're getting low. The flavour on this thing is unreal. It's like I wasn't tasting anything in my beginner tanks.

Review by Stephanie Renault
(Posted on 2015-03-27)

The Nautilus Mini was my gift to myself. An upgrade from the standard tank that my cloud maker came with. Such good flavor from this one, and I love how you can change your airflow