Advken Doctor Coil V2 Shoulder Bag with 7 DIY Tools

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Please Note: this product has been phased out, and will not be restocked.

The Advken Doctor Coil V2 shoulder bag has a large storage compartment and several pockets perfect for carrying your vape gear. Includes a kit with seven DIY build tools.


Advken Doctor Coil V2 Shoulder Bag with 7 DIY Tools

The Advken Doctor Coil V2 is a multi functional shoulder bag with a large double-deck storage space and several pockets, perfect for toting around your vape gear,

Includes a zippered kit of seven DIY build tools.


  • Size: 240 x 175 x 110mm
  • Adjustable for left and right arms
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Headphone threading hole
  • Build kit with 7 DIY tools
  • Large double-storey space


  • Doctor Coil shoulder bag
  • Build kit
    • Flush cut pliers
    • Elbow pliers
    • Dual function screwdriver
    • Ceramic tweezers
    • Elbow tweezers
    • Stainless steel folding scissors
    • Coiling jig


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