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E-Cigarette Cloud Maker Optimal 2.0
Cloud Maker Optimal 2.0
Aspire Odyssey 2 Temp Control Bundle
Aspire Odyssey 2 Temp Control Bundle
Vaping eVic VTC Mini Tron
Joyetech eVic VTC Mini TRON
  • lazyloadNo Foul Odours
  • lazyloadSatisfying Throat Hit
  • lazyloadNo Smoke or Ash
  • lazyloadFriendly Customer Service
  • lazyloadNo Tar or Carbon Monoxide
  • lazyloadNot A Fire Hazard
  • lazyloadEasy to Use, Carry & Refill
  • lazyloadRecyclable & Eco Friendly
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  3. 3 Eleaf iStick TC 40W Temperature Control Mod

    Eleaf iStick TC 40W Temperature Control Mod

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Why Vape & Buy E Cigarette, Vaporizer, E Juice & E Shisha?

Electronic Cigarettes ("e cigarette") are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution, usually referred to as "e liquid" or "e juice", to produce vapor with appearance, sensation and flavour of regular smoking without any combustion. Vaping or vape, as its commonly referred to as, is spreading rapidly and we invite you to try it out if you are a smoker of any type. The resulting vapor doesn't contain any tar, carbon monoxide or chemicals normally present in ordinary tobacco cigarettes, hookahs and cigars. Because vaporizers like e cigarettes do not produce any foul odour or smoke, they facilitate a more pleasant social experience, and can be legally used indoors at offices, public transportation, restaurants, airports, hotels and other places, but within reason and subject to special private property policies. Smokers who switch to vaping with 180 can save thousands of dollars annually. A 1-pack per day smoker will save in excess of $2,500 and much more on other expenses related to cigarettes. All our vaporizers and vape accessories are eco-friendly and recyclable. E-Cigs are an alternative and should be understood in that context.

The best of 180 Smoke, Kanger Tech, Aspire, Innokin!

We offer a wide range of electronic vapor devices including, light and easy to use cig-a-like ecigs Starter-Kits, portable personal vaporizer called Cloud Makers that can be used an e-cigarette, e-shisha or e-cigar, multi-matter vaporizers, and more advanced kits for serious vapers. We also offer a wide array of 100% original atomizer tanks, e juices, batteries and vape accessories from our name-sake brand, Aspire, Innokin and Kanger Tech, among others. You can shop for your vape online and get it to your door fast, or find a 180 vape shop near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About E-Cigarettes and Vaping

  • Why switch to e-cigarettes and vaping?

  • What is an electronic cigarette?

  • Can e-cigarettes help me stop smoking?

  • Are e-cigarettes and vaporizers safe to use?

  • Does nicotine cause cancer?

  • Are there side effects to e-cigarettes and vaping?

  • What are the recomendation when using e-cigarettes with nicotine?

  • What is the right nicotine strength for me?

  • I'm a Doctor, when should I recommend e-cigarettes to my smoker patients?

  • What are the laws about e-cigarette use in public?

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Why is 180 among the best?

180 Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

We are an ethically invested, socially conscious company that started in Canada. We are focused on providing smokers with an alternative to tobacco through our vaping products. Our e-liquids are made in Canada with minimal number of ingredients and are very popular. Customers say that our e-liquids are some of the best they've had. We do our very best to make it easy for customers like you to switch.

The 180 Smoke brand was crowd sourced from 1000's of smokers via social media, in-person consultations and online surveys. That includes everything from the company name, the logo, product features, product lines and e-liquid flavours. Through constructive feedback from customers, we continuously improve product usability, design, taste and customer support. We have two patents pending and have donated one of our inventions for free to the public and released it in open source.

Co-founded by Canadian heart-surgeon, Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, we come from medicine, technology and philanthropy all converging in our common vision to develop the right balance between disruptive and creative innovation, with a view to facilitate a cleaner lifestyle for smokers. We design our vaping devices in Canada and make the e-liquid right here in Canada as well.

Website and Product Related Questions

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  • What is your warranty, return, and exchange policy?

  • Where and how is your e-liquid made?

  • What is in your e-liquid?

  • What type of e-cigarettes should I start with? What is a Cloud Maker?

  • How long will my e-cigarette last?

  • Where can I buy 180 Smoke products?

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