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  • No Foul Odours
  • No Tobacco, Tar or Carbon Monoxide
  • No Second-Hand Smoke or Ash
  • Easy to Use, Carry & Refill
  • Satisfying Throat Hit & Vapour Volume
  • Not A Fire Hazard
  • Friendly & Fast Customer Service
  • Recyclable & Environment Friendly
   All vape devices come pre-charged and ready to use out of the box.

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  • "I have recommended you guys to everyone at work! I wasn't sure how I'd like the cigarette and I will admit it took awhile to get used to but now that I am, I love it. Thanks so much!! Best customer support team online. Honest. Everytime I have a question or problem you guys are right there."

    Janelle on 2014-06-03

    Heavy Smoker

  • "Holy crap, this customer service is amazing! Thank you very much Aldo!" The product has been fantastic so far and the customer service you've provided was above and beyond satisfactory."

    Tyler M. on 2014-06-03

    Heavy Smoker

  • "Hey, loving the cloudmaker. Been going for walks again without any chest pains - I just wanted to thank you! Also lol, any chance in a strawberry flavor of e liquid coming out?"

    Ryan on 2014-05-13

    Average Smoker

  • "I read this article Monday morning….purchased a 180 Smoke vapour cigarette last evening… this morning I am enjoying my coffee, reading my paper online, WITHOUT having a cigarette….just vapour…. for the first time in 29 years! I was not convinced last night but decided that if I could get t..."

    D. Eunice M. on 2014-04-23

  • "That would be perfect. Again thank you for your assistance. I appreciate all that you have done. It is refreshing to see such great customer service."

    Carmen McK. on 2014-03-16

    Casual Smoker

  • "Thank you for such awesome customer service! I'm really happy with the products that I purchased from you! It's not much but I have been cigarette free for 10 days! Emoji"

    Anitra C. on 2014-03-10

    Average Smoker

  • "Must say that I am very impressed with service. Thanks, John."

    John M. on 2014-02-01

    Average Smoker

  • "I just wanted to let you know that i’m really happy with the new battery/clearomizer. The performance is absolutely stunning, vapour volume is extremely satisfying and the taste is very smooth." "Just wanted to let you know that I have received the package today. Thank you very much for prompt d..."

    Pavle C. on 2014-01-03

    Heavy Smoker

  • "I purchased an optimal cloud maker from you a couple of weeks ago just want to say I love it! Haven't smoked a cigarette since. Thanks for making this available it's really helped me and I feel great."

    John S. on 2014-01-26

    Regular Smoker

  • "I recently purchased your e-cig starter kit a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much that I even later bought 20 additional refills. I really appreciate the very prompt and excellent customer service!"

    Kevin M. on 2014-01-21

    Casual Smoker

e cigarette, vape, e juice, vaporizer, electronic cigarette from 180Smoke Canada

News and updates

Toronto Store: Get $2 e-juices (~7-9 packs worth / bottle) made in Canada, max 10 per person. Or come in throw you...

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David Sweanor talks about Vaping on the Todd Shapiro Show (Sirius XM radio)

Prof. David Sweanor talks about Vaping on The Todd Shapiro show aired on Sirius XM radio at 4:35pm on December 18, ...

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Commentary on Cochrane Report on Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco use remains the top preventive cause of cancer and heart disease. The Cochrane report is an important cont...

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Why Vape & Buy E Cigarette, Vaporizer, E Juice & E Shisha?

Electronic Cigarettes ("e cigarette") are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution, usually referred to as "e liquid" or "e juice", to produce vapor with appearance, sensation and flavour of regular smoking without any combustion. Vaping or vape, as its commonly referred to as, is spreading rapidly and we invite you to try it out if you are a smoker of any type. The resulting vapor doesn't contain any tar, carbon monoxide or chemicals normally present in ordinary tobacco cigarettes, hookahs and cigars. Because vaporizers like e cigarettes do not produce any foul odour or smoke, they facilitate a more pleasant social experience, and can be legally used indoors at offices, public transportation, restaurants, airports, hotels and other places, but within reason and subject to special private property policies. Smokers who switch to vaping with 180 can save thousands of dollars annually. A 1-pack per day smoker will save in excess of $2,500 and much more on other expenses related to cigarettes. All our vaporizers and vape accessories are eco-friendly and recyclable. E-Cigs are an alternative and should be understood in that context.

Bringing you the best of 180 Smoke, Aspire, Kanger Tech, Innokin!

We offer a wide range of electronic vapor devices including, light and easy to use cig-a-like ecigs Starter-Kits, portable personal vaporizer called Cloud Makers that can be used an e-cigarette, e-shisha or e-cigar, multi-matter vaporizers, and more advanced kits for serious vapers. We also offer a wide array of 100% original atomizer tanks, e juices, batteries and vape accessories from our name-sake brand, Aspire, Innokin and Kanger Tech, among others. You can shop for your vape online and get it to your door fast, or find a 180 vape shop near you.

Why is 180 among the best?

We are an ethically invested, socially conscious company that started in Canada. We are focused on providing smokers with an alternative to tobacco through our vape products like e cigarettes and other electronic vaporizers. Our e juices are made in canada with minimal number of ingredients and are very popular. Customers say that our e juices are some of the best they have ever had, and is certainly one of the highest quality juices in the industry made with less ingredients than most providers out there. We do our very best to make it easy for customers like you to switch.

The 180 Smoke brand was crowd sourced from 1000's of smokers via social media, in-person consultations and online surveys. That includes everything from the company name, the logo, product features, product lines and e liquid flavours. Feedback and continuous improvement are essential parts of our industry leading iterative and incremental development process. Through constructive feedback from customers, we continusly improve product usability, design, taste and customer support. We have two patents pending and have donated one of our inventions for free to the public and released it in open source. 

vape e juice made in canadaCo-founded by Canadian Heart-Surgeon, Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, we come from medicine, technology and philanthropy all converging in our common vision to develop the right balance between disruptive and creative innovation, with a view to facilitate a cleaner lifestyle for smokers. We design our e-cigarette and vape product lines in Canada and make the e liquid juices right here in Canada as well.

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