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  • New Kanger K-Simar 20W Gravity Mod for 18650 batteries with variable wattage mod controlled by tilting the mod left or right.

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  • Our Cloud Maker Plus Kit is ideal for first time vapers looking for a more luxurious switch to e-cigarettes with everything they need in one kit.

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  • Aspire Nautilus Clearomizer Kit - One of the best tanks on the market, with variable airflow, and BVC coil technology.

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E Hookah - alternative for Shisha, Hookah and Nargile Smokers

Shisha / Hookah / Nargileh / Water Pipe (synonyms for the same thing) have long been considered a social necessity, and it's often been thought that they are not as harmful as regular cigarettes. These misconceptions have now been proven to be wrong, and it's time to switch. We provide both disposable and re-chargeable e-hookahs. With the sensation and flavour of a hookah but with no burning, no tobacco, and no tar or other harmful chemicals, these devices use exactly the same technology as an electronic cigarette, but look and feel like the shisha you enjoy at home or outside. Other common names for disposable and portable versions of these devices include Electronic Hookah, Hookah Pen, Shisha Pen and Shisha Sticks. 

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