Vaping News Weekly Update January 6, 2020

U-Haul’s new nicotine-free hiring policy appears discriminatory towards vapers  A new U-Haul policy will allow the company to discriminate against any applicants that are either smokers and/or vapers. Announced on December 30, 2019, U-Haul is expected to fully enact its new nicotine-free hiring policy on February 1, 2020.  While this new policy is only legal […]

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Vaping News: A Weekly Update – Dec 2

Nova Scotia bans flavoured e-liquids  While various Canadian provinces have been dealing with proposed flavour bans, Nova Scotia has now officially and explicitly banned e-cigarette flavours from being sold in the province.  Announced by Nova Scotia Health Minister Randy Delorey, the ban is set to take effect April 1, 2020. According to Delorey, “this decision […]

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Where Is Vaping Illegal? – Vaping and Traveling

While you may be in a country where the use and sale of e-cigarettes are legal, it’s important to understand that this luxury isn’t something everyone around the world gets to enjoy. Furthermore, it’s important to know what countries you can freely bring your vape to without any catastrophic legal implications. While not all these […]

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Vaping News: A Weekly Update – November 25th

Massachusetts Senate passes flavour ban In response to the lack of federal regulations, the Massachusetts Senate has decided to enact its own vaping restrictions in an attempt to curb youth vaping in the state. Set to take effect in June 2020, these new regulations would ban all flavoured vaping products (except tobacco), limit nicotine content […]

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Vaping Bans in U.S. States – What States can You Vape in?

Amid growing concern over an outbreak of vaping-related lung illnesses and deaths, and the lack of federal regulation from the U.S. government, many states have turned to enacting their own regulations to challenge the vaping industry. Many of these regulations were set in place to curb youth vaping. For many of these states, these regulations […]

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