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In light of recent news reports surrounding the vaping industry, 180 Smoke would like to provide our perspective around some of the claims being made, especially in relation to the products which we market and proudly sell. We are deeply concerned with the commentary surrounding the alleged connection of certain vape products to detrimental health outcomes and would like to assure consumers that their safety and overall health is one of our primary concerns.

The majority of recently reported cases of pulmonary illness have reportedly been linked to e-cigarettes and cannabis products purchased from illicit dealers or unlicensed cannabis stores. These black market sources have not been cited as the only cause of these health concerns, but the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned consumers not to purchase or use any vaping related products bought “off the streets”.

Recent CDC lab testing of bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples have detected Vitamin-E acetate in all samples. These fluid samples were collected from the lungs of 29 patients with EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping Associated Lung Injury) from 10 different states. This marks the first time the CDC has detected a potential chemical of concern in patient samples and this finding provides direct evidence of Vitamin-E acetate at the primary site of injury within the lungs. 

That being said, the CDC has admitted that while Vitamin-E acetate is associated with EVALI, it is not yet sufficient to rule out the contribution of other chemicals to EVALI. The most recent CDC update also mentions that THC is present in most of the BAL samples collected from patients, and that most patients reported a history of using THC products. 

Amidst growing concerns from the public, the CDC has released a list of recommendations that vapers and non-vapers should be aware of. Some of the recommendations made by the CDC include not purchasing any vaping products off the street, not modifying any products produced by a reputable manufacturer, and to not return to cigarettes if you are using vaping as a smoking cessation tool.  


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In response to the concerns, 180 Smoke has conducted lab research on 20 its in-house e-liquids. This testing was conducted by Confidence Analytics, a premier cannabis testing laboratory that utilizes ISO 17025-accredited pharmaceutical grade analysis procedures. The examination done by Confidence Analytics was aimed specifically at three different Vitamin-E based compounds, including two isoforms of Vitamin-E and Vitamin-E Acetate itself. The final results proved that all of the e-liquids submitted were free from all forms of Vitamin-E.   

If you have any specific questions or concerns about 180 Smoke products, please contact us at and/or 1-855-994-6180. If you experience any symptoms outlined in the government reports, you should stop vaping immediately and seek an opinion from a medical professional.

180 Smoke remains committed to ensuring that all our products maintain the highest quality standards and continue to be compliant with applicable legislation in Canada and the US.

Updated as of Nov 12, 2019

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