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Island Breeze Premium E-Liquid - 30ml

Product Review (submitted on March 27, 2018):
I bought all the Premium juices out of 180Smoke's line. This one has everything that the other flavors don't. Let me break it down.

1. It never sputters, it never spits back, it never dry burns. This juice is the smoothest juice I've ever smoked. I can smoke 3-4 puffs of it, back to back, and it keeps burning smoothly. This is a huge plus to many beginners.

2. It is a very smooth smoke. It comes in without any problem, and the flavor comes out massively on the exhale.

3. On the exhale, the flavors hit you all at once! It's very hard to describe the flavor, but the name rings extremely close to truth. 'ISLAND BREEZE'. It's such a huge mix of fruitiness and creaminess, that you lose the notion of 'fruit', and you simply insert the 'notion' of 'tropics' and 'creamy' together. It sure tastes like a bunch of creamy fruit mixed together, but you can't really identify the fruit. That would normally be a negative, but THIS TASTES EXTREMELY FRUITY, but probably a fruit that doesn't exist on Earth actually!

I did not like Macarons de Paris, or American Pie. Those are dessert vapes varieries that I have had in better forms from other brands. I can assure you that you will discover something new with Caribbean Cocktail, and that the flavor will accommodate anybody who tries it. It's a very smooth, creamy, alien fruit that I wish I could EAT.

5/5, will buy again!