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A Submission on Ontario Bill 45 (E-Cigarettes) by David Sweanor

In public interest, I requested a copy of submission by Prof. David Sweanor from Queens Park.

I was sad to not be invited to speak despite adding my name to the list much before many others. The committee further gave only one effective day of hearing time on Bill 45’s E-Cigarette component. I was very upset to see the committee ignore Prof David Sweanors request to attend as a witness. He has spent more time over the last few decades than most in this country in putting good policies to eradicate harms of tobacco. However, i learned that he made a written submission and I have obtained it for your reading.

Download PDFDavid Sweanor Submission to Bill 45 Committee Ontario

Standing Committee on Health (HESA) report on Vaping and e-cigarettes

The Standing Committee on Health released its report today. The report is entitled Vaping: Towards a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes. The report is available at

English Reporte-cigarette Regulation report French Reporte-cigarette Regulation report

The Committee has requested that the Government table a comprehensive response to the report. Continue reading

Statement from specialists in nicotine science and public health policy

This is copy of the letter sent by several renowned researchers and public health experts to WHO chief, Margaret Chan, ahead of the WHO summit in October that may decide fate of e-cigarettes. These researchers make complete sense and we are completely in sync with their statement, and given we deal with hundreds of customers every day, for who they speak.

Continue reading

ornamental tobacco plant cancer naD1 molecule

A defence molecule occurring in the flower of tobacco plant has key to fighting cancerA defence molecule occurring in the flower of tobacco plant has key to fighting cancer

A team of scientists at Melbourne (Australia) based La Trobe University have just completed a research that shows that tobacco plant’s natural defense mechanisms could be harnessed to kill cancer cells in the human body. The team lead by Dr Mark Hulett identified that the NaD1 molecule occurring in the flower of the plant that fights off fungi and bacteria also has the ability to identify and destroy cancer. Continue reading

Canadian Heart Surgeon vs Fear Mongering Respirologist – CTV National news

Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar’s argument is very logical, and I completely support his stance. That’s why we are in this business. Dr. Matthew Stanbrook’s arguments lack logic, and sounds like the fear mongering we hear from many educated people who spreading mis-information based on bias, and not reason. Most “experts” don’t even understand difference between smoke and nicotine themselves. The value proposition from e-cigarette and its family, such as e-cigars and e-hookah, cannot be ignored, however like Dr. Gopal, I agree a constructive framework is required that ensures safety and quality standards by all manufacturers and brands. There are dozens of items in a common household that can also poison kids. Why are they still allowed in households?? Safety of children and all e-cigarette customers always comes first. I will sit down with anyone who is willing to have a constructive discussion and present logical arguments and work towards solutions, but I do not support fear mongering being spread by misinformed people like Dr. Matthew Stanbrook.


Electronic Cigarette in “House of Cards” Season-2 Netflix

It was great to see Claire Underwood remove Francis‘ cigarettes in Season-2 of Netflix’s popular House of Cards show. Francis (“Frank”) is using the e-cigarettes in one scene as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. I applaud Netflix, and the writers of House of Cards for showing this on big TV to the masses. I realize, that it is not an endorsement in anyway or form, but I applaud them because they are showcasing whats out there, and that they are worth a serious consideration. They cannot be ignored as many regulatory bodies have done, suggesting waiting for definitive proof is far more important than reducing harm for the masses right away. Continue reading

180 Smoke – 2013 Year in Review

I want to start by thanking the 1,263 people who helped us through summer-fall of 2012 in selecting the flavors, product lines, product features, our name, and our logo. It is not too often that this many people come together to help develop a brand bottom up. After putting together our core team in early 2012, we developed the first round of our brand, product lines and flavors, and then went to the 1,263 respondents through social media, friends, in-person 1-on-1 meetings, and targeted ads to get their input on very specific questions. We used techniques like A/B testing to get us the best possible data without overwhelming those surveyed with the information or products we provided.  The process was successful, and 180 Smoke was born in fall of 2012, through a 3-phase iterative development process with 100s of people participating in each phase. Continue reading