180 Smoke – 2013 Year in Review

Update: We have removed all stats from our surveys with clients on what impact we have made, including how many cigarettes we may have helped clients not smoke, and how many trees we have helped save, etc, in light of letter from Health Canada and to avoid making any claims. If you are interested in these statistics, please reach out to me.

I want to start by thanking the 1,263 people who helped us through summer-fall of 2012 in selecting the flavors, product lines, product features, our name, and our logo. It is not too often that this many people come together to help develop a brand bottom up. After putting together our core team in early 2012, we developed the first round of our brand, product lines and flavors, and then went to the 1,263 respondents through social media, friends, in-person 1-on-1 meetings, and targeted ads to get their input on very specific questions. We used techniques like A/B testing to get us the best possible data without overwhelming those surveyed with the information or products we provided.  The process was successful, and 180 Smoke was born in fall of 2012, through a 3-phase iterative development process with 100s of people participating in each phase.

While executing our plan of action through end of 2012, and all of 2013, we felt a huge responsibility, and of course also very motivated, that we had such a wealth of valuable and focused information right from our potential customers. I wanted to update you on our progress, and measure them against our key goals. We at 180 Smoke are very proud of what we have achieved through 2013, and we have so many people to thank for this. We are very grateful for having an amazing customer base, who have referred thousands of their families and friends to us.  Moreover, we call many of our customers now team members, spread across Canada, United States, The Netherlands, India and Pakistan. I also want to thank Canada Post, MasterCard, Visa, TD Bank, Square Register, Shop.ca, TeamBuy, DealFind, Shopify, Volusion and Opencart for their services that have enabled us to serve our customers.

We stay true to our core principle to only promote e-cigarettes as an alternative to current adult smokers. As former smokers and practicing surgeons, we would never hope for anyone to start smoking or start with nicotine addiction. We got into this business for personal reasons and though 2013, we never promoted our products to youth or to non smokers. Our marketing team has strict guidelines to only purchase ads from companies that allow us to target smokers. We will continue to do so for all years to come.

Our manufacturing plants follow and develop domain specific GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for device and e juice manufacturing. While there is a lot more improvement to be made in this area, given its a relatively new industry, we believe that we are leading the pack by working with each manufacturer to make improvements via our iterative improvement process. We collect structured data from our customers about their product experience, and diagnose all faulty products to provide constructive improvements  to suppliers.

Through 2013, we continuously involved customers and non-customers in improving our products, flavors and customer service processes. We continued building a very multi-disciplinary and solution-oriented team who are doers and experts in their fields. They share our passion, and work countless number of hours. 180 Smoke saw expansion to The Netherlands, India and Pakistan through q3-q4 of 2013, and more concrete results will come of this through 2014.

We continue to offer product lines to provide alternatives for cigarette, cigar, hookah smokers. Tell Us Your Story

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